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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Ancient Hellenic calamity was influenced by the Peloponnesian lecher play. As the Romans called them, "Satyrs" were fauns--goatlike creatures--who were celebrated for being constantly drunk and chasing nymphs. The word calamity come ups from the Grecian tragoidia, consisting of two words. The first 1 is tragos, meaning goat. The 2nd word is oidia, which come ups from the root oeidein significance to sing.

In general, calamity is a verbal description of a fact of life. In our time, in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours usage, the word catastrophe defines a black event, a calamity, or a series of awful events. In its historical and literary usage, however, the word calamity transports a deeper meaning. On one hand, calamities are those catastrophes that go on by opportunity to the people involved who are not able to command the events. On the other hand, they are the mental images and narratives of adult male in struggle with himself, his adversaries, or the world around him. The purpose man's calamity is to
win as a human by gaining meaning, love, understanding, and
wisdom through the ordeals.

During the 5th century Hellenic Republic and during the seventeenth century England and France, calamity experienced its two most popular periods. The beginnings of Grecian calamity are small known and foggy. One theory is that calamity had its roots in the birthrate ceremonial of the Supreme Being Dionysus, when the plays with the decease and metempsychosis subjects were set on phase during spring. Of the 100s and maybe thousands of plays written for this jubilation we have got only thirty-three left today: those of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. These early playwrights treated calamity in their ain alone way. Their common denominator was the connexion between work force and Gods, heavily emphasizing the function of fate, necessity, and the supreme rule of the Gods.

The seventeenth century calamity awards travel to William Shakespeare who wrote
his plays mainly to entertain Greater London audiences. With Shakespeare,
the hero is usually a celebrated and kindly calculate who falls into some sort of a catastrophe through a defect in his character. The Shakespearian calamity points out to the good that have go coddled through mishap. Alongside Shakespeare, Pierre Corneille and Jean Racine in French Republic wrote calamities during the same era. Unlike Shakespeare, however, Pierre Corneille and Racine’s calamities were harsh, high-handed, and simple remakings of the old Grecian calamities where fate was the supreme ruler.

During the twentieth century, our apprehension of calamity have evolved through the unfortunate hero's facing sudden disclosures of the facts of character, of the ways he followed when, suddenly, he gained consciousness and realization. These hard roes became victims and illusionists even though, once in a while, they lost their lives. Bowman’s “Death of a traveling Salesman”, Chester A. Arthur Miller’s, Volunteer State Williams’, Prince Eugene Of Savoy O’Neil’s, Chief Joseph Conrad’s and Hemingway’s works are some of the examples. Poets like Henry Martin Robert William Penn Robert Penn Warren and Yeats, also employed calamity in their topic matter, because calamity haps in life.

Tragedy shows itself in the battle of adult male against nature, adult male against man, adult male against fate, adult male against convention, adult male against ground with irreconcilable differences. These battles usually travel from safety to catastrophe as the concealed ego is revealed. It is in this revelation, in this movement, that calamity goes attractive. After all, as long as the world stands, the catastrophes and catastrophes in existent life that autumn upon human beings--because they are human beings--will be inevitable.

Since we human beingnesses program to remain human, we are going to reflect those events in our fine art and in our writing. In other words, if we’ll bleed, we’ll compose about it.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bat Ejection Techniques - Country Survival Course #27

People lie! They lie about the bliss of rural relocation. They lie about the size of fish they catch. They lie about being there for you. But, mostly, they lie about bats! Such a silly thing, yet no one can admit the ugly truth. “Bats only come into your house. It never happens to me,” friends say. Liars!

Evidence to the contrary exists. Bat visitations have occurred regularly in all three of my country homes. Each was a different style house, in a different town with different surroundings. No way am I the only person this is happening to! I’ll believe the annual summer bat inundation isn’t a part of normal life when butter is fat free and Smucky’s Electric gets back to me with that wiring estimate they promised just prior to the Mammoth die off.

One of my sisters in particular gets a kick out of telling people I am a witch attracting bats to my home like anorexics migrating to the Cannes Film Festival. She does it to be ornery – a competitive sport in my family. Of course, I could get even by pointing out right here in my very public essay that she is my OLDER sister by a DECADE. However, I am too peaceable and well centered for such adolescent behavior. Besides, you are here to learn another fine country skill – the Bat Ejection Technique (BET).

Lesson 1 – Why BET

Rural dwellers should all master BETs. Realtors will never admit to the Coloptera inundation plaguing the West. Property values would tumble! Amidst all this denial, a seamy cover-up has formed. Copies of Bat Removal for Dummies are burned at country BBQs and members of the Society of the Dead Elk deliver bat traps to farms under cover of darkness.

As my town’s resident City Idiot, I chose to break ranks. If Cidiots are not taught to deal properly with winged rodentia, both will suffer. Bats will be ‘baseballed’ into walls with brooms. If not, Cidiot homes will overflow with wiggling blankets of screeching critters. Folks will be driven back to the burbs in droves. Quite selfishly - I need newbies to stay in the country. Please don’t leave me alone out here! Take notes.

Lesson 2 - History of the BET

For whatever reasons bats enter homes in pairs. My hypothesis is; one holds the dog door open while the other flies through and vise versa. Attempts to document this behavior have been hampered by the presence of innumerable dogs kissing my eyes shut when I stake out the laundry room floor. Nonetheless, like bats to Noah’s ark, they arrive by twos.

Throughout history Novice Bat Ejectors dispelled unwanted intruders with the pacifistic Zero Interference Technique (ZIT). For a true ZIT open all windows and doors and cower on the floor waiting for the bats to fly back out. I researched the effectiveness of this method at my first country home. There are three problems with this technique:

Bats never leave as easily as they enter. A person could learn Arabic before the ZIT clears matters up.

Heat leaves houses quite quickly resulting in cold ZITs.

Bats tend to turn up in the middle of the night. Sleep deprivation is a direct side effect of ZITs.

Lesson 3 – Modernization

Athletic newbies frequently combine the open window/door approach of a ZIT with a more proactive approach. They jump around with a blanket in an attempt to herd bats outside. This is the Comforter Herding Ejection Technique (CHET). A good CHET take two people. Even then CHETs are hard.

Bats do not know they shouldn’t fly around the blanket.

The technique is rendered totally ineffective when your husband, who is suppose to hold the opposite side of the blanket, does a “stop, drop and roll” every time he spots a bat from thirty yards away.

At night neighbors can see you, but not the bat. So there you are running amuck in your PJs. The doors and windows are wide open as you spiraling over furniture with your flag-like fabric in tow. Meanwhile your underwear-clad man is having what is apparently some version of repeating epileptic seizures. And you, you cold-hearted bitch, you just keep on dancing.

Lesson 4 – BET Evolution

Bat invasion number three of year number two was a turning point for me. For some bizarre reason I was washing the morning dishes. We must have been out of coffee. Obviously I was not quick-witted enough to get out of dish duty. Suddenly, I heard the high-pitched chatter of a bat straight over my head.

The space over my cabinets is where all my gigantic jelly-making kettles are poised. Grabbing the step stool, I hovered near and listened. Something was in my stoneware – dark, like a cave, the crafty little bugger. Please, don’t let it get airborne. I have to go to town this morning, I thought. There was no time for the traditional CHET dance.

My cerebral light bulb clicked on. Hey, It’s easier to catch bats when they aren’t moving. A Nobel Prize for would be mine. Apparently washing dishes has some net value after all. I slid a plate over the stoneware rim and took my captive out side.

Plate removed, an upside-down shake and plop. The bat was on the ground. I watched for a moment making sure my son’s devil cat did not turn up. Finally, the bat orientated itself and flew off with chatter. Dam, I’m good, I mused. Then I turned and took two steps towards the door. Gasp! Leap! Curse!

Something bad hit my bare foot. Reflexes took over. I went for a field goal. Another bat had been in the jar. Curse! Hebbie Jebies! Will I never learn? Twos, always twos! Scratches, tiny claws on my foot - it was all to early. First dishes, then this.

The traumatized bat landed several feet away. It took a good five minutes before the winged menace recovered enough to fly off. Headed for town, I left a note for my son. “Finish the dishes.”

Lesson 5 – BET Mastery

I learned two things that morning. First, generic dish soap sucks. Second, a motionless bat is the best bat to catch. Chasing them in flight is a fool’s game. In retrospect Samuel, my Great Pyrenees, had attempted to point this out earlier that spring.

Hearing one of the midnight riots, I ordered all my dogs out. There was no need to look for the cause. I knew by then what the combination of barking and a synchronized chase meant at 1 a.m. Ho hum, more bats in the house. The other dogs complied. Sam however stood there looking sleepy, stubborn, sad and guilty.

Anyone who owns a Pyrenees knows this is their natural state. Just as I demanded, “Samuel, go!” I spotted the diminutive little wing sticking out from under his massive front paw. Here Mom, a motionless bat is the best bat to catch. He is a genius!

BET Summary

Grab a teacup or the aquarium net and a saucer

Wait for a landing

Cup/net over the Bat

Saucer or magazine carefully slid under

Out the door it goes

Hee Haw! With practice you’ll be back in bed before your underwear-clad epileptic knows your gone. You can BET on it.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Art of Living and You

Hi all. So what if I don't cognize to blog? I have got come up on the block. Oh! No, this is not me telling. You cognize I was pushed into blogging when I just became aware of the word. And the words above are the generous advice of that pusher. He is a friend of long standing. If I have got got to fault him, I have to fault for grounds that are countless. You cognize he is such as an amiable chap and a friendly Satan kinda cat that you can't fault him even when you desire to. Secretly I confessed to the fact that for many things I am today, he is the individual that tin take credit.

After all why should he make it to me or is he just sort to me alone? He is a couple of old age aged than I. helium was a word form ahead of me in school too. He, as I cognize was the most bubly and buoyant cat as a school boy. Oh! My...he was talking from anything to every thing though the subjects naturally were limited to our age jump world. The games, frocks he had purchased from his pocket money and that bluish skirt of our teacher. I did really bask the minutes he used to narrate all these in his inimitable style, sometimes exaggerating sometiimes in an emotional voice. I don't retrieve disliking or objecting to anything except for that 1 twenty-four hours when he described the length of his teacher's legs. I was a spot frieghtened as I protested. He laughed at me first and then just switched over.

He was not like it as I knew. This thing bugged me all nighttime long. I can't show what exactly I should name the thoghts that crawled my mind. But it is also true that grasp for him surfaced strongly. But it never occured to me that he was growing up. Or was he grown up already?

More than anything else what brought me to adore him was his integrity. For some ground or the other Iodine could not travel to school or play without him. With him by my side, I felt safer always. He made merriment off me, ragged me. But as always, his buffooneries showed me I had to turn more.

Now, in retrospect I believe of him. He is coming back to our town after 32 years. They moved south after he finished high school. Later he called me to state he had to give up additional schooling for pursuing some job. He married a Southerner taller than his ain self. He built a place there and grew mango tree trees all around. This conveys an relative incidence back to memory. In the mango tree season, while returning from school, we had to go through by a mangrove. And there was a brawny watcher gaurduing it. But my friend was all too adroit for him. He used to cry and coo standing infront of the gate as if person else was trying to thieve mango trees and he wanted to alarm the watchman. My friend was so speedy to sense if the watcher wasn't around when he didn't turn up immediately. He would dart in, in large paces and whew.. would tweak a few mangoes. Always more for him and one or two for me. Iodine didn't make bold inquire why.

He is coming to me. To see me. Helium couldn't even go to my marriage. He just sent a commiseration missive when my dada expired. This had disturbed me deeply as I needed him besides me when I thought the world was getting washed away from under my feet. When he called up to state he is coming here, it relieved me. Iodine didn't inquire any more than questions.

I recieved him at the airport. My married woman was all funny about him as she just knew him through my narrations. he was looking more than aged than he actually was.A very thin Grey spot on his pate. He just grinned to me but still I could feel the affectionateness unaltered.

Back home, he gave a shocker. He had blood malignant neoplastic disease in the advanced stage. Over many javas he narrated his story. He had lost hopes. His lone girl refused to see him for long time now for just he did not like her fiance. The male child belonged to a rich family. For once, he appeared to be seeking my suggestion. His years were numbered. He had built a large estate that he didn't just desire to give it to his girl or waste material it. Even at his lurking death, it filled me with gratitude coz he was asking me for suggestion. My married woman was watching him, crying filled in her eyes, as he shoved the enrollment document of his estate. He made all places in my name.

He didn't give me any opportunity to decline it. For nth time it reminded me why I adored him. Helium had all the religion in me. He had calculated everything in advance. He familiarised me with his properties, concern dealings, and the charity that he started of late and requested me to continue. He didn't desire to make all these at his decease bed. I could not halt revering him for all that he is. Type A friend, a philosopher, a guide, and a brother. I am jumping into blogging (I trust this is not blogging) just because my ideas can be understood by some psyche just like him, on the net.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taking the Coaching From Whence it Comes: TV & The Apprentice

One of the things we life managers make is maintain our eyes unfastened
for coaching job that come ups from unusual places, and in this
lawsuit it was the concluding episode of the Apprentice. Certainly
telecasting can be used to arouse intelligent duologue about
ethical motive and principles. Did you see The Apprentice the nighttime
Randall was hired and Rebekah wasn’t hired? Randall took a
stand. He said, “No” when directly asked by Donald Trump
whether Rebekah should be hired the same night. He was
clear. He was living within his beliefs and values. He had
a choice. As make you. We always have got choices.

As life managers we are often asked to back up our clients to
do new choices. Often these stand for important alterations
from the manner they used to make things, and these new actions
may look awkward or out of the blue, especially to our
loved ones. Yet, when we define our values and personal
criteria and chose to do picks based upon those, our
life moves forward with much more than ease. That awkward form
lasts only a short time as we step into the new manner of being
and behaving.

Try on these words as you believe about the professional and
competent behaviour demonstrated by Rebekah and Randall
during The Apprentice:


You have got a pick and can make up one's mind to follow some of these
words to depict how you will act the remainder of the
week…the remainder of the month, or all year. You can plan
your ain grade of competence whether visiting a watering place for
relaxation and greening or preparing to present a
motivating and inspiring presentation to your colleagues. The pick is yours; it always is. You are on this Earth
to add your alone piece to this puzzler called life and you
have got chances to turn every obstruction into a opportunity for
greatness much as you saw Rebekah make during her time on The

Randall was set on the spot, took a stand, made a decision. It’s proved to be a controversial 1 and probably
responsible for propelling Rebekah into a very desirable
place she wouldn’t otherwise have got had if Randall’s reply
been “Yes.” So, bear this in head when you acquire a ‘no’ from
one of your co-workers or household members. It could be a
‘yes’ inch disguise and the start of a antic new

Questions to ponder:
•What no tin give that is actually a yes?
•Are you willing to inquire for support to making a change?
•Do you have got something you cognize you’ve been wanting to do,
yet maintain postponing?
•Are you aware that there is a part that lone you
can make?

As coaches, one of our favourite reminders is the following
sentence: “The best manner to acquire somewhere is to allow yourself
go.” It’s time. You can go. With
support from a manager or this article or your ain interior
courage, you, too, can take a base and designing the life of
your dreams. Yes you can!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Religion of Love - is It Possible?

Is it possible to make a faith of love? A faith which would learn that world are divinely endowed with love? A faith which teaches, preaches, and assists others happen true love. Love of life, love of humanity, and love of environment. Love of Earth, water, and the whole Universe for that matter; can we make a faith for the human race like that?

One adult male have and he have explained it to me, as he makes not belong to any set organized religion, psychological science or philosophy, as he states that is portion of this very limited reality. A solid statement indeed, if not an absolute and cosmopolitan truth; so how makes such as a adult male unrecorded without religion, as he subscribes to none?

Well neither make I really and I dwell very well. Are a world of love a better world or state to bask one’s life experience? If one makes a new religion, “the faith of love” and have immense multitude following that ideal; then surely the world would be better for it right?

Indeed, it could be a very positive thing however such as a created faith and point of position is in mistake of observation of the life experience in the current paradigm and present period. But is it bad; no, one could state it is good actually. Should such as a adult male life a life of love, abundance, caring and infinite infiniteness of all this and more than convey forth this conception to break the world? It could be a new faith and one, which salvages world from itself and maintains it from being doomed and repeating the past.

Such a philosophical question, one could state it is not a true image of the world and should not be a religion, but you could reason that it would sure do the world a better place. Should such as as as a adult male with such an ideal interruption out of this one-sided argument to see the remainder for what it is? Or would a new created world be a breath of fresh air?

Would one with such a positive, but skewed reading of the world be able to dwell without bounds thru love or would he and his following bounds their head and observations? Would such as a life or doctrine thus actually set them outside what one could name limitless, because they only saw love and not the other? Bow 1 have placed themselves into a "Love Box" which is their pick and I presume they would be happy there right? And if so well then good for them, however, asking others to fall in such as a cause, is partial and would probably only take to another "religion" gone bad in the end as it would wish all faiths be used to control, encephalon wash and pull strings others. After all isn’t that what all faiths do?

So maybe one mightiness wishing to believe this thru at a much higher degree as it looks that anyone including this adult male who created such as a faith have the cognitive ability to now travel to the adjacent step. Did most faiths start with the given of all that is good, including love and eventually stop up distorted, prostituted and end up in hypocrisy? Yet if all faiths eventually stop up like this in the end, then why make we let any of them? Are it all right to dwell a lie, as long as it was originally based on love? Think on this before you leap into any “love Boxes,” cults or mark up for any Organized Religion; believe it thru, all the manner thru.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Working With The Generations

For the first time in history, there are four coevals in the work force. Although this is an exciting time, it is not without challenges. Working with the coevals necessitates forbearance and understanding. Each coevals conveys a new perspective, but we necessitate to larn to value the new ideas, and embrace the alteration that each new coevals brings.

Ten old age ago, when I started instruction classes at the local university, I was typically 10 old age little than the bulk of the students. Now, I am at least 10 old age aged than the bulk of the pupils - and many of my pupils are in their early to mid-twenties. This diverseness in the coevals is not without challenge. I cannot anticipate to learn all of the pupils in the same way. I have got to be flexible and unfastened to new ways of getting my message across. The same is true anywhere you have got a blend of the generations. All convey a alone position and different ways of relating to their environment.

All of my pupils at the university must show a study on the challenges and benefits of working with the generations. Most of the pupils believe that their coevals is the best. It is human nature to believe that the coevals we are portion of is the best. The truth is - they all add value. The fast one is to be unfastened to the new thoughts and alterations that each coevals brings.

The four generations: The Matures - born prior to 1946; the Baby Boomers - born between 1946 through 1964; Coevals Ten - born between 1965 through 1980, and the Millennials - born 1981 through 1994, all convey with them different positions on life and work. The Matures are dedicated to a occupation once they take it, the Boomers dwell to work, Coevals Ten work to live, and the Millennials dwell in the moment. All have got got great thoughts to convey to the work force and all tin benefit the organization, but we have to larn to value the differences and not acquire caught up in thinking our generation's manner is the best way.

I believe the greatest job with working with the coevals is apprehension them. It is easy to stereotype a coevals if you haven't taken the time to larn about them. The more than than you cognize about a generation, the more you can appreciate them and value their contribution. Reading about the assorted coevals is a great start. The best research of all, though, is to speak to people of assorted generations, inquire questions, and listen.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Musings Using Randall, Rebecca and The Apprentice: Obstacles to Opportunities: The Great Reframe

Do you hear the word, “ruthless” during your day-to-day
activities in the last few days? That’s the word being
tossed about as folks discourse Randall’s pick on unrecorded
telecasting Thursday night.

As managers we work with intelligent, well traveled clients
who maintain checks on current events. Even the frivolous 1s
such as as the television show, The Apprentice. The recent concluding
section which resulted in hiring the 4th learner provoked
treatments among our active, goal-workshop attendants
wondering about the evident struggle when chosen Randall
said, “No” to the option to engage Rebekah that same night. Wow. What a surprise… especially when reviewing Donald
Trump’s original inquiry which was, “Randall, if you were
me, would you engage Rebekah also?” “If you were me” is the
cardinal phrase uttered by this successful, competent, affluent
concern entrepreneur. Taking the lessons from wherever
they come, i.e. taking the coaching, it’s interesting to
observe the different observations as Rebecca, Donald Trump and
Randall concluded the interview process.

As managers we inquire our clients to larn from many different
countries and to hold a higher vision for themselves. This
peculiar show is a manner of observing how young, competent,
originative minds, form in an intense concern situation. Whether restful at the watering place or planning their adjacent strategy,
the contestants utilize their endowments and innate intelligence to
carry through undertakings and affect the Trump organization.

The managers bell in:
Would you have got said, “Yes” to the Rebekah question? “Of
course”, states Leslie, the coach…the inquiry was “…if you
were me”. It looks logical to add a very competent, earnest
& ethical adult female to the mix. And, how delicious to make it
that same night! Coach Kris points out that Rebekah showed
grace and creativeness under pressure. Her “can do” mental attitude
prevailed even in the face of obstructions such as as the broken
leg. You’ve got to admire her for that and more.

You saw both Randall and Rebekah take a base for
•How make you take a base for yourself?
•How clear are you? Randall was clear and his determination came
with ease. Rebekah maintained her calm and remained
professional. Clarity can be a enormous guiding force.
•You are an intelligent reader, how make you see it?

We are reminded of the wisdom below:
“…live everything. Live the inquiries now. Perhaps then,
someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even
noticing it, unrecorded your manner into the answer.” Quotes our
wise advisor, Rainer Mare Rilke.

What make you detect as a result of these contemplations about The
Apprentice? How might you utilize these illustrations to make
something different? What alteration are you ready to make? Harnessing your ain courageousness from illustrations such as as these, you
can back up yourself into the well-lived life your desire. Go for it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Does Age Matter? The Apprentice

Donald Trump’s telecasting show, The Apprentice, attracted
the biggest audience the nighttime he was to engage his 4th
apprentice. Much about telecasting is a Numbers game which
prompted us to believe about the Numbers in the show. Randall
is 34, Rebekah is 24. Bashes age matter? Was it his 10
old age of adulthood that made the difference, or what he chose
to make with those 10 old age - his instruction and running
successful businesses? Bashes a 20 something campaigner have got a
opportunity against a 30 something candidate? What make you think?

It also implores the question, is age a barrier to success? Some of us experience old at 40. Our mental attitude and actions can
do any figure look old. What if you travel around telling
yourself, “I’m too old to (sing in a choir, horseback drive
across the range, insert your point here)?” Is that really
true? Perhaps you are too old to climb up Mt. Everest; that
isn’t to state there aren’t at rest plenty of things left to make
regardless of physical limitations. Who is stopping you
from giving the recital, climbing the hill, doing what you
really desire to do? As coaches, we ignore the, “I’m too
(insert ailment here)” excuse. There is always a manner to
modify whatever it is you desire such as that it can be achieved. Are there a library nearby? A avocation baseball club you might join? Films to be watched? There are many ways to carry through
learning…and you can happen the kernel of your ends and
dreamings in many different ways.

Think about it:
•What is the thing you’ve been telling yourself you’re too
old to make (your Mt. Everest)?
•When you look astatine that thing you’ve been wanting to do,
what’s at the bosom of it and where else might you happen its’
•Look for support. Getting support enables you to make what
you desire with more than ease.

As coaches, we see age doesn’t matter. There are 23 old age
between us and we share times when we are being wise and
times when we’re being cockamamie or unwise. We share work
ethics, firm support of our clients, interesting
balance in our lives and much more. Age is a figure and
counts for things like a senior base on balls to the movies and
possibly some other points on the wisdom-o-meter, yet the 40
(or 30, or 20) somethings among us have got plenty to offer as
well. Our interaction as life managers and workshop leadership
is enriched by the difference in our ages, perspectives, and
points of view. We say, “Yes” to it all and ask for you to
make the same. Let age support you when you necessitate it to and be
willing to defy using it as an alibi for postponing going
for your ends and dreams.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clothesline Fresh - Country Myth Breaker #17

Clothesline fresh, country fresh scent, smells like a country garden, those of us from the city have all seen our share of country clad laundry soap commercials. The token red barn glows in the distance.

Closer in, clothes adorn the line. Each piece is so straight and evenly spaced you’d believe a team of sophomore geometry students hung them as their final class projects. Even more perfect, the lightest of breezes launches an ‘oh so soft’ billow along the stain free front row.

Even I think, who wouldn’t want their clothes to be clothesline fresh? And, don’t those people own underwear? Ahhhh! I use my clothesline. I must. There is not a man in the five-state region willing to rise to the challenge of touching my daunting propane line and antiquated fuse box. Like my outhouse, my dryer is purely ornamental.

Despite this forced march to my clothesline the results can be startlingly adequate. Yet as a good Cidiot (city idiot), It would be negligent of me if I did not point out a few hazards of clotheslines to budding country converts. Beware, hanging your skivvies in the wild is not all its cracked up to be. Consider these dilemmas.

Seven of Ten Birds Prefer to Defecate Out of Doors – Avian species have a remarkable instinct for textile quality. Anyone doubting this should hang their Thai Silk robe on one end of the clothesline. Put a flannel shirt on the opposite side. At the end of the day tally the results.

Sheets Attract Wind – Kids have a new kite? You can plan your day around it, guaranteed! Just wash your bedding in the morning and place it on your line. Rest assured, Mariah herself will blast through your backyard. Kites, bedding, lingerie, pugs - anything with a flat surface will dance its way through the sky, only to impale itself in full display atop the silo of your local feed mill.

Remember the One Foot Rule – Most educated people know the three second rule. No matter where in your home you drop a piece of silverware, if you can retrieve it in three seconds or less you can eat off it without rinsing first. The one-foot rule, however, is only taught in rural school districts. It goes like this: Any textile on a clothesline that sags to within 12 inches of sweet Mother Earth, via the wind or any other means, must immediately be scent marked by every male canine (dogs, coyotes, wolves or prairie dogs) inside a three mile radius.

Animals Have Hair – Strangely enough farms are inundated with animals. Go figure. With all due respect to clothespins, they do little to remove hair. It takes four fabric softener sheets and a small nuclear plant to fluff out an intricate weaving of fur and feathers. During the spring shed I keep a HAZMAT team on stand by just to clean my lint traps.

Remodeling Your House? – You can save a fortune in costly building materials. Just hang your cotton towels out to dry on the clothesline. Not only will they dry stiff enough to be use as support beams, the bird shit will act as an adhesive for roofing projects.

Remember on that warm spring day, when the cottonwoods are spawning and your best angora sweater has just hit the line, imagine, within a matter of hours it will be more than you ever dreamed possible. And, as always, it will smell ‘clothesline fresh!’

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting High

There are quite a few people who--like me--love the mounts and to watch the sky. When we look up at the higher mountain slopes, clouds, and sun during the day, or the moon and the stars at night, the mental images haste over us, lift us up, give us hope. I believe getting attached to high things have to be a human condition.

Maybe we all are mountain climbers, in secret, agonising inch by inch trying to lift to a higher height in one manner or another, physically, mentally, emotionally or psychologically. Our stretch up -our hoping for the better, our attempting to raise ourselves- is apparent from our language.

Those in ranking positions, those higher-ups World Health Organization are high born, high and mighty, high-bred, highly esteemed, or high class are always placed on something high like a dais, an altar, or a throne because we attach high hopes to their being while they sit down on their “high horses”. We even turn to them arsenic “his highness,” Oregon “her highness.” They are high priests and high priestesses, high society, upper class, upper crust, higher creatures, high souls, higher-ups, and those upstairs.

When something is better, more than than wanted, or it lifts above others, it travels up the ladder and it goes “high” as in high grade, high income, high-level position or high status, high life, high point, high noon, high-octane, or high price.

When we experience person is better or cognizes more than the rest, we state he is “up there,” “above the line,” “high flown,” “upscale,” “upstanding,” “aboveboard,” “high brow,” “high-minded,” “high spirited,” “high-powered,” “upper cut,” “high profile,” “upwardly mobile,” even “high toned.”

When we win or desire to demo friendly relationship or to bespeak being on the same side, we gesture with high-fives. We demo blessing with another gesture; we give a pollexes up. When person showers too much attending to person else, we say: “She believes that he hung the sun and the moon.”

When stock terms travel up they go high fliers; their trade rushes ; and their quality is said to be from the high end. Anything moving to a better place is high flying. When we take the ethical position we take the high road. When we are in a good mood, we are in high spirits.

Holy years are sometimes called high days; graphic colors, high colors; advanced education, higher instruction or higher learning; advanced math, higher mathematics; interior designer clothing, high manner or high style; big scale of measurement fiscal transactions, high finance; and major or accented anything is the high spot of entire and is highlighted by a highlighter.

Along the same line of word-reasoning, among the two missive words, the word “up” have a batch of meaning. We bend up, talk up, line up, aftermath up, tone of voice up, turn up, grade up, upgrade, shop up, set up, ante up, ascent up, expanse up, swing up, unfastened up, uphold, clean up, convey up, construct up, upsize, travel up, come up up, rise up, garner up, maintain up, uplift, visible visible light up, leap up, springtime up, Pb up, or start up.

As our linguistic communication shows, we are drawn to high things and to those who like to climb up the high peaks, in physical or Negro spiritual sense and who project their light of hope into our hearts.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Desperate Housewife Triumphs Through Poetry Writing

Fantasy/Controversy Oregon My World is victory over the despairing house married woman syndrome. After Babe Ruth Garnes walked away from a fulfilling calling to go a fulltime married woman and mother, she claimed that she momentarily became a despairing house wife. Not wanting her job filled twenty-four hours and letdowns to over return her she started to show herself in verse.

“My life as an individual was not only about lovingness for seven children. It was also about my dreamings and aspirations. I wanted and needed a life that was about love and laughter and most of all victory over challenges,” states Mrs. Garnes. As a immature adult female I worked to set myself through college. The route to becoming a nurse was not easy but I attained that goal. Why should I now let the challenge of raising seven children to overcome me?”

This is what Fantasy/Controversy Oregon My World is about. Victory in the face of difficulties, finding joyousness inspite of pain. We all have got had to over-come something; this is what do Fantasy/Controversy Oregon My World appealing to all. It is available on line from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or the publisher; Print America. For more than information about the writer visit her web-site at

Friday, April 11, 2008

Life's Too Short

Time travels by to quickly
to hold your feelings inside
Especially when their so strong
even if they don't abide...

By all the recognized rules
most people dwell by
because this 1 time in your life
You should not inquire why?

Why you didn't act
on what you felt in your heart
when no 1 could change
it since the very start...

The first time Iodine saw you
and our eyes connected
I knew my life would be
dramatically effected...

I make not repent our choices
nor make I experience unworthy
of your love and affection
that brands me sincerely...

Elated and alive
in ways I never knew
I could get to feel
that are so truly...

Breathtaking and consuming
in my every twenty-four hours life
with blissful powerfulness that
cuts like a knife...

Right into my soul
and touchings my heart
In such as a positive mode
it crying me apart...

To believe of my world
without you in it
tomorrow or 10 years
from now you fit...

With me like a glove
glued to my body
holding me together
in a manner that's oddly...

Familiar and so natural
it almost frightens me
to inquire how you
and could actually not be...

Together for a lifetime
if cipher else existed
We would dwell a world
of pure blissfulness...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Soldier to Life's Battles

54th Battalion. 4th Division. Unit Of Measurement 984. Belgium. 1944. Crumbling buildings. Strewn bodies. A growing fear. Boiling, uneasy groans. Seeing beyond the pale visible light of the warfare to the dim gleam of death. Something is inside of these men, twitching, squirming. Just the pebbles of a once great civilisation crunching beneath their feet. walking steady, keeping your caput up, looking around cautiously, sometimes drawn into the grave of idea and unweariness. A dead organic structure lies against a building. Cipher notices. More marching. A soldier's caput falls, himself still marching. A girl. A face. A lover. A friend strike hards him out of dreamings with a gentle hit. More marching. More climbing through the traughs of earth. Conquest more district in the incubus of existence. Squinting. Confusion. Fog. Myst. But a clear day. Rest stop. A soldier sit downs on debris and mopes the table of contents of his canteen on his face. Another rubs his cervix with a achromatic cloth. Lying on his stomach, occassionally making noises, another soldier stairway into the inevitable future, undeniable fate. He turns over on his back, his arm by his side. He acquires up and leaves, his gun left. Clinking and clanking of tools and weapons, as everyone senses the move out order. Then it comes. And more than marching. They're on the route that Pbs no where and it travels for statute statute miles and miles. They will walk until their feet had worn down, and they had nil but nubs left, and then they would walk 10 statute miles more.

His rifle in his hands, moving at the same pace of the other soldiers, Che walked with about as much uncertainness as he have inexperience. He was, like many of the soldiers in his platoon, a soldier, a boy, a man, a lover, a hater, a animal of passion, desire, love, and lust. He was in another state and sacrificing old age of his life that would torture him for years. The sentiment of this varied from adult male to adult male in the platoon. To some, it was a loyal phone call to duty, and to others it was just a requirement, while others still were Pacifists who had been tortured and threatened with imprisonment by the United States government, as was not uncommon. It didn't take long for the nationalists to recognize that what they were doing was hardly patriotic, that it was not helping their people, nor was it helping any people. Either way, like Che, the members of this platoon were here on foreign soil, armed, with orders to destroy, themselves unready to kill. The platoon moves, until it happens its locations: no where. The platoon leader tells his soldiers that they're sleeping here, among the debris with rats and roaches.

Nighttime. A cloak of darkness spreading over the land, as soldiers retired to the land for sleep. As the sun put on the horizon, so it sets on this eventide of their lives, never to come up again. And with their lives full of adversity and existence, today is the last twenty-four hours they will have got this much ahead of them. Whether there is only one twenty-four hours before death, or a great many decades, there is a bounds on being of all those men. Here they are, in a great World War, fighting to stop the being of other men. Their name calling may not be remembered, but what they make will forever change the course of the planet.

Daybreak. The soldiers battle to consciousness as they warm breakfast over scattered campfires. The morning time twilight have brought nil but chills. The eternal March began again. Every soldier have their ain lucky charm, or momento, or tangible piece of sentimentality. One soldiers transports a pendant given to him by his grandmother. To him it is a purpose, but to a scavenging German soldier, it is a little piece of net income from melted down silver. Another soldier transports around a image of his daughter, while another transports just the memories in his caput of his childhood house, secluded in a little town in the woods. But among these men, these marching soldiers battling for control over their lves as much as the adjacent man, there is one adult male -- Che -- who holds one thing prized above all: a love missive given to him by his lover. At least, she once was his lover, and she once swore all of her love just to him. Laura, a name so Godhead that lone the angels could talk it. Her legal tender legs, moist inside, passionate touch, lustfully in love and always sincere in her affection. These were the ideas racing through the head of Che, as he marched in the warfare parade across the streets which yielded no playful and careless children.

Laura, once the avowed lover of Che, but no more. For after this love missive he is holding in his hands, which was like fleeting touchings of her body, another missive came. The first missive spoke of devotedness and the 2nd of desertion. His four calendar months (now 6) of being in a foreign land was too much for her. Her first love missive was volumous, with imagination of physical affectionateness and love -- something any soldier would cherish from their lover. Physical love manifested within the words of our low English language. The words of the missive were etched into his heart, the manner two lovers claim a tree by marking the bark. He memorized every sentence, every syllable. But she left him. The initial daze was almost disbelief. Then, there was a nothingness in his purely militaristic existence. And while the existent Laura was away with another, she was dead to him. A once living beauty crumbled to pieces as he read the truth on achromatic paper. His head churned with the ingredients of misery, preparing the mixture of fate. Marching with a heavy head. He still kept the first love letter, to remind him of how happy he once was. And oh how he was indeed! In no other time of his life could he sincerely certify to so much comfortableness and love. Slowly through denial, anger, sympathy, he kept his love letter, and just as surely as he read her aged words of affection, she was reading another man's poetry. Two calendar months had passed since the breakup. He march, still in melody to Laura's love song, not with a heavy heart, but the beautiful past times lifting him in the air.

But it was this twenty-four hours that Che marched with the words of Laura in his hand, not looking, not thinking, but just visualizing her soft caress as her words looked at him. The dust of broken tools, destoryed buildings, or tatterdemalion clothes was subject to his worn, asleep feet, his arrested development not altering once. And whether it was by his ain carelessness or deficiency of concentration, he injure up where he was. He looked up, stopping in his paths and the words of the letter, and he saw German faces, with German-military helms and wearing German-military outfits. Holding his missive in his hand, his rifle slung, he saw one of the German soldiers raise his gun to shoot. Che asked one thousand questions: Bashes she love me still? Bashes she still believe about me? Bashes she cognize that I still love her? Bashes she cognize I kept her letters? What makes she believe about me? What makes she believe about me? What makes she believe about me? And then a blast lasting no more than than a microsecond, and he fell, the wind taking ownership of his letter. But as the cerulean skies turn a darker shade, and as his organic structure loses feeling, Che inquires if he should have got lived his last few hebdomads of being as he did.


For Life,

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Live For Today...

Isn't that what they say?But what makes that mean?There's no definition that mayanswer that question...For everyone everywhereBecause it's all about what youfeel in your bosom and sharewith the of import people in your life...I honestly believe it meansyou should make choicesthat volition never allow you seemto inquire "What if...?"Or inquire yourself oppugns like"Why am Iodine not happy?""Where did I wrong?"How can my life be...So unfulfillingand depressingday after daycontinually stressing...Me out to the pointof no tax return or worsewhen I believe there'ssimply a existent curse...On my existenceas cockamamie as it sounds...If you can't agitate itThe feelings volition compound...And Pb you to a tragicinternal, premature deathof emotions and existent livingthat will always be less...Satisfying and truethan life for todayin a manner that maymake you experience all new...Each and every morningdespite the world around youyour life will not be dreary...And you will never have got got to -Wonder what could have beenif lone you'd taken a chanceand lived in the momentand cherished the dance...Of your life that's not eternalembracing the little thingsthat may come up unexpectedlyand give you unknown region wings...To soar up abovethe everyday and boringTo take the paththat's worth exploring...Remember you onlywalk this world 1 timemake it a valuable tripfilled with the sublime...You'll probably repent what youchoose not to make a batch morethan what you make up one's mind to tryso do not fold the door...On the unknownGo the other mileTake some risksand you will smile...When you look backon the life you madeYou will not lackin delectation or...Have to inquire yourselfWhy? Why? Why?Did I let the yearsto wing quickly by...Without enjoying my daysto the fullest extentand making each momentmore than well-spent?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Astrology Can Help You Live a More Peaceful and Happier Life

Astrology is the survey of the differing planetary energies and their personal effects on humans. It is not fortune telling it is an unbelievable calculable tool, which when studied, can assist you happen out the ground for this incarnation, what you have got got incarnated to larn this life time to assist you through your evolvement.

Through the survey of star divination and your birth chart, you will larn the qualities, gifts and endowments which you have brought in with you from former lives that when realized and harnessed can be shared with the world and humanity. The planets have got differing qualities of energy, some of these qualities I will now listing for you, as examples. The Sun, a true star is a warm, generous ball of fire, with a never ending amount of energy which it lovingly gives to all life. The Sun stands for our Father.

The Moon is quite different from the Sun, it lets us to experience our emotions, and it also acts upon the Waters of the seas giving them higher or less tides depending on the forms of the moon. It lets us to acquire in touching with our past and to be in melody with our feminine side and to nurture. The Moon stands for our Mother.

The planet Venus have got differing qualities again; its energies let the chance to associate to others, to have ego worth or deficiency of it. It is the planet of love, beauty, balance and peace. All these qualities of energy can be played out negatively or positively. It is our choice, so once we are aware of these energies and with some cognition of Astrology we can take to play our game of life positively. Then, our life will be more than than than enjoyable, more peaceful within ourselves and the world and more content with our lot, because, what we give out we acquire back, it's that simple.

Now, my belief is that on a psyche level, we as world chose the parents, the date, time and place we needed to be born at, so that the planets would be in such as a configuration, and beaming their differing qualities of energy, that we necessitate to have got this life time to larn the lessons, required to assist us climb up a small additional up the ladder of evolution... We as human beingnesses are here to learn, we do not make things incorrect or make mistakes, we are just learning. Life is a journeying of learning. Whilst we are here on Earth we will go on to larn our lessons, whether we like it or not, whether we are aware of it or not.

The more than than we are unfastened and aware of any reactions we may have got when interacting with others, and the more flexible we are to change. The easier our life will flow. By determination out just where all the planets were stationed in the heavens, when you were born will state an astrologist just what lessons you have got incarnated to learn.

An astrologist will project a Natal birth chart for you; with the information of the place and time you were born. With this information an astrologist can see in the chart just where the planets were, and if they have got any facets (connections) to each other. These facets can be easy or a difficult, thereby indicating where your top challenges in life are.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blown Apart

You can never summarize up a men life. My life had evolved and revolved around hate. All that I had was distorted, misunderstood and lacerate apart by my ambitions.

A small adult male came towards me holding a crisp needle. I battle as much as I can, but my hands and legs are strapped tightly on a wooden chair. The adult male smilings at me telling me to be calm. My students turn littler in fearfulness and perspiration trickles down in a haste from my dampish forehead. How had I got here and who was this stranger. As his manus pulls closer to my right arm with a jetting acerate leaf in, I seek to free myself from the creaky chair. My attempts are end in vain.

The acerate leaf comes in my tegument with small hurting but I shout and stretch my cervix in order to seize with teeth the man's manus off. I had been used to jabbing acerate leaves for myself and no 1 was going to make it for me. With the medicine halfway in the syringe which vibrates vigourosly on my arm. I get to implore the small adult male to let me to make it myself, but he protests and transports on trying to shoot the remaining fluid into my body. I seek to spot him at each effort and no advancement is being made.

My caput gets to experience dizzy and my vision slowly goes blurred and darker. "I will never travel down" I wispher as I fall into a deep sleep.

Waking up with you weaponry and legs tired to bed was terrible. My blankets had fallen onto the land and the cold wind coming through the window was freezing my skin. Making it harder and paler. My shouts for aid are attended by a very tall adult male dressed in white. I inquire him to fold the window but denies the existance of a window and tells me I must be huffy to experience cold. At this statement, he gets to express joy at himself and folds the door behind him, leaving me in darkness.

I was confused of where Iodine was but I could retrieve my female parent telling me person was taking me somewhere safe where they could assist me. I close my eyes to acquire some sleep, person was going to explicate everything to me the adjacent day. I just knew it...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tips On Finding A Los Angeles Photographer

How do you find a Los Angeles Photographer for that special occasion at a price I can afford? As if moving to Los Angeles isn’t difficult enough in and of itself, there is always the hassle of getting things done when you don’t know anyone to cope with. So to find a Los Angeles Photographer, or any other service for that matter, in the town, there are some steps I always take to make sure I get what I want at the price I want.
When it comes to service providers, like a Los Angeles photographer, the first step you should do is to figure out exactly what you want. In the case of a Los Angeles photographer, you will need to determine whether you are going to have portraits done, candid photos as a party, or formal pictures and portraits at an event like a wedding or graduation. Once you determine what exactly you need out of a Los Angeles photographer, you will have an easier time looking for someone who fits your specific needs.
Next, you need to do your homework. Get out your yellow pages and look up photographers. It seems like an elementary way of locating a good Los Angeles photographer, but it is a necessity to get started. Find a few that look good to you based on the ad and what it looks like they specialize in. Once you have scoured your yellow pages thoroughly, check out the internet. Look up Los Angeles photographers in a search engine or business directory and look for more places you can check out. Also, you may want to look up the ones you have chosen from the yellow pages to see if they have a website. Often the sites have sample photos, portfolios, and the like which can help you to make an informed decision about the photographer that will work best for you.
Last comes the calls. Once you have narrowed your list of Los Angeles photographers down, you should start making calls. Talk to the photographer, find out about availability, find out about prices, and get a feel for the business. You want someone you feel comfortable with, so it is okay to just go a little bit on gut feeling. In addition, you should ask about additional services, like video or album creation. Once you have talked to all of the photographers on your list you will likely have a fairly easy time making your decision. Choose someone you have confidence in and feel comfortable with and you won’t go wrong.
Moving to a new city can be incredibly difficult. Having to find a service provider in that city, then, can be equally as daunting. However, finding a Los Angeles photographer or any other services provider doesn’t have to be that bad. By taking three simple steps, you will have done your homework and be able to book a photographer that meets your needs at the price you are looking for. Take your time and work with confidence and you will find your Los Angeles photographer in no time.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Poetry in a Nutshell

Poetry is more than than just rhyming and prose that is in metres and verse. It is an fine art form. It is something that tin not be judged by its screen and can not be criticized to the point where it just "sucks." Poetry is about expression. Poetry shows the manner we experience on a certain topic through imagination and other senses. It assists us cover with our day-to-day problems, be it good or bad.

The emotion which is set within the verse form conveys it life. A verse form without emotion is not a verse form at all but simply prose. Poetry is what do us experience happy or sad, huffy or gleeful, loving or broken hearted. Poetry is life on paper. It makes not necessitate to be of a certain topic or even rhyme.

Poetry is poetry. It have its ain mind. If it fluxes good if not... it necessitates work. The rules can be set but not broken. Our life is our life and no 1 can state us what we have got been through but ourselves. We cognize best not some alien reading our poems. Our poesy is our life, not what person says.

Rhyming in poesy is not always the best manner to show yourself. Rhyming actually takes away many words that could have got been used. If you seek to rime it cuts your lexicon into small pieces. It doesn't necessitate to be this way, take flowing over rhyme.

As a result of this, poesy is defined as a manner of putting flowing words together in metre and poetry to demo emotion or state a story.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Since You've Been Gone...

My life have got got changedin so so many waysIt looks to always bein a state of disarray...

Without you here by my side to hold my manus and be my guide...

I experience like I'm lost...wandering through each daywaiting and hoping and prayingthat you come up up to me in some way....

I necessitate you to state me that it everything will be okay...If anyone else is saying itI never hear them on any day...

Nobody will ever be what You were to me...It interrupts my bosom to knowthat Iodine will never see...

Your legal tender face againOr touching your delicate bodyand experience your unconditional love reserved only for me...

I would give 10 old age of my life to have youhere with me for just a calendar month or two...

My love for you beganmore than 30 old age agoIt grew into a sort of lovethat few people ever know...

I cognize Iodine was truly blessedto have you as my best friend,My Grannio and my exclusive supporteruntil the acrimonious end...

I will never forgethow much you gave,how much you loved,or how often you saved...

Me - when Iodine was a small girlfrom my nightmaresand when Iodine was grown upfrom all the wicked dares...

You always stood by meFaithful, strong and trueTil the acrimonious endI knew Iodine could number on you...

Now that you're goneand I'm here aloneI recognize more than than than everall that you've done...

To do my life better,Safer and SecureBy giving me your loveSo unmistakebly pure...

I lose everything about youall that you were to meevery single twenty-four hours Iodine thinkof how my life used to be...

When you were herewith Jakob and meThings were so differentthat it's hard to see...

Why Supreme Being had to take youaway from me and my sonso much, much too soonbefore your time had come...

I will never understandand I will forever much life hurtswithout you here...