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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What if We Limited the Human Population on Earth?

What if we could restrict the figure of world on the Planet? What if we could halt the over reproduction of the African Continent? What if we could maintain the figure of people at a balance or bounds households to one progeny per family? What if we don’t? What if we really make have got 40 Billion people on the planet by 2025 and 60 Billion by 2050? Are those Numbers really sustainable? Volition Mother Nature measure in an bounds us owed to H2O supplies, droughts, World Cycles or plagues? Volition we stop up limiting ourselves owed wars, protectionism or failure to pony up to the escalating possible catastrophe of over population of the Person Race? Can we prehend the twenty-four hours and forestall warfares over water, pandemic Bird Influenza and dwindling world H2O supplies? Are the anticipations right that six and a one-half million world will be life with less than 4 gals of fresh H2O per day? Are we genetically conditioned to cover with this? Can we construct the dams, desalinization works and H2O reservoirs fast adequate to stave in off the world H2O crisis of epic poem proportions? Who is paying for all this? Can the affluent states afford to construct these substructures for free? If so is the World Depository Financial Institution capable of managing it all and if so how will these monies be paid back? And H2O is only one job what about food? Where will be turn the nutrient to feed 60 Billion humans? Here on World and who said the world will not maintain reproducing at 60 Billion, what about the 120 Billion human population anticipations of 2095? Think on this.


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