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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hip-hop Jewelry and Today's Stars

Watch any of the major movie, television, and music awarding shows on telecasting today and one of the first things you’ll notice about the people on the reddish carpet, aside from their excessive (and sometimes outlandish) attire, are the amount and size of the jewellery they are wearing. Hip-hop jewelry, more than commonly known as bling-bling, is definitely not understated fashion. The larger and the flashier it is, the better. Preferred by many of today’s celebrities, hip-hop jewellery adorns the fingers, necks, arms, even the dentition of many stars.

Oversized he-men and iron are the hallmarks of hip-hop jewellery and are preferred by people such as as Sean Combs, or P. Diddy. At the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, he sported a diamond ring, bracelet, and ticker from Francois Jacob and Company. Rapper 50 Cent is another famous person who is hardly ever seen without his hip-hop jewelry. On his web site, 50 Cent offerings more affordable, though just as flashy, bling-bling for those of us who make not gain the megabucks that he and his chap people profligate in. There are also many other web sites that offering low-priced hip-hop jewelry inspired by popular blame artists.

Hip-hop jewelry come ups in many forms and sizes, all of them meant to catch the oculus and pull attention. Heavy iron of Ag or gold (or both) can oftentimes be seen on people such as as LL Cool Joule and Ja Rule in their music videos. Hip-hop jewelry web sites offering fully ‘iced-out’ bling-bling, or watches, rings, bracelets and earrings that are heavily decorated with existent or fake diamonds. So-called ‘spinner’ watches and rings are large best Sellers in the hip-hop jewellery category. Also available are customized, removable gold, Ag and Pt dentition which may be studded with gems and gemstones, so even the pearly-white Whites can have got their share of hip-hop jewelry.

Women people are keeping pace with their male opposite numbers when it come ups to wearing hip-hop jewelry. Stars such as as Beyonce, Lil’ Kim, Ashanti and Girl Elliott are regularly seen in images wearing big diamond jewellery points of assorted colors. Even immature female people are getting on the bling-bling bandwagon. Adolescent stars like Jo Jo and Hilary Duff are said to be devouring hip-hop jewellery partisans and count themselves among the large figure of bejeweled stars today.

Large, ostentatious pieces of jewellery did not start becoming popular lone because of the hip-hop cultural phenomenon (think Elvis Elvis Presley and Uncle Tom Jones), but hip-hop have altered the jewellery marketplace in a big way. Fans see what their favourite people are wearing, and there are numerous options for them to emulate their graven images – at least in footing of fashion. Jewelry have always been a portion of popular culture, and today’s hip-hop jewellery and the people who have on them are even more than so in this age of instantaneous information.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hip Hop Radio Stations, The Source To Know

Sure, you can listen to hip hop radio stations to hear all the hip hop music that you want, but this is also the perfect location for much more including interviews, information about artists, and finding concert information as well. Throughout the radio waves there is an increasing amount of hip hop radio stations. And, whether they play hardcore rap or if they play a combination of hip hop and pop, you can really turn to these stations for much more information.

Hip hop radio stations offer the best of hip hop. There is no doubt that people can tune in to hear 50 Cent’s latest or to find out when he’ll be in concert. What is great is that you can count on hearing a wide range of information including new artists as well as the older artists with new songs and their old. And, with so many people looking for this type of music in this type of setting, there just seems to be quite a few hip hop radio stations happening.

But, they offer more than just music. In many cases they are full of more information about the hip hop world than you can find almost anywhere else. By the time hip hop magazines hit store shelves, the information is already old. Instead of waiting to hear it there, simply turn the dial. Now, we are talking about what is happening with the artists at any given time as well as when concerts are who will be interviewed next and even political topics that set the artists off. If you want to know their view and need an inside look, you can count on getting it from the hip hop radio stations out there.

Of course, you probably tune to your favorite hip hop radio stations to find the latest and hottest hip hop on the radio. But, you really can gather a wealth of information from these radio stations as well. To find out what is out there, check the websites featuring them as well as other hip hop websites.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting Hip Hop News

Hip hop intelligence is a immense precedence of many people. Let’s face it, no other class of people are involved in so many things, good and bad. But, where make you happen just the information that you need? How can you larn what is happening? There are respective ways that you can make this, but some are often times better than others. It never neglects that you will happen the up-to-the-minute in hip hop intelligence available to you, but where you acquire it will state you how good it is as well as how old it is. And, when you desire the existent thing, it counts where you travel to acquire the hip hop intelligence you want.

First, you can of course acquire a batch of information from hip hop magazines. These are great for the up-to-the-minute information right from the hip hop artist’s mouth. These mags often integrate quite a spot of information on the inside information of the up-to-the-minute occurrences in the world of hip hop, but they are not the fastest method for getting the intelligence you desire and demand about hip hop.

So, what is a better manner to acquire hip hop news? A great manner to larn what’s happening in the hip hop world is by tuning to your favourite hip hop radiocommunication stations. Yes, there are often a big amount of great intelligence narratives happening on them. Live interviews are always happening as are a big amount of in depth insurance of the interior story.

Yet another manner for you to acquire the hip hop intelligence that you desire in a manner that you can read it when you have got the time is by using hip hop websites. They are available throughout the web and offering a immense amount of elaborate information about the artists, the music, the civilization and life in hip hop. Many of them offer inside information about hip hop as well as aid to acquire you in contact with the hip hop people you desire to know. Regardless of where you acquire it, getting hip hop intelligence is the key. You will happen a broad scope of all the intelligence you necessitate in respective different ways.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Understanding Of I-Ching And Tai Chi In Relation To Our Lives

Tai Chi, The Great Ultimate, was establish earlier in the Book of Change, or otherwise known as I-Ching. Legend said that this Bible have written by the first Emperor of the Zhou Dynasty Dynasty Dynasty - Zhou Sebaceous Cyst Wang. Thus I-Ching is also known as Zhou-Yi.

I-Ching, or the Book of Change, with its name implies, stated that life is in changeless flux of change. The word I (Yi in pinyin) intends 'change' in Chinese. It is formed from the fictional characters of the sun and the moon, which stands for yang and yin respectively.

It have a poetry stating, "Changes have the Great Ultimate, which give rise to the Two Elements. The Two Elements give rise to the Four Phenomena, and the Four Phenomena give rise to the Eight Hexagrams..."

Let’s get with the word Thai Chi – the Great Ultimate. It actually intends the earliest, the beginning... of all events and things. In some case, it mentions to the Universe by ancient Chinese.

In one of the scripture, it stated that "One yin and one yang is the Way..." This agency that the all alterations of events and things in the existence come up from this opposing, yet united military units of yin and yang.

This is why in from Thai Chi, there originates in the Two Elements - yin and yang. Take a expression at the Thai Chi diagram, which is better known as the 2-Fishes diagram in Chinese. It is a circle divided into 2 subdivisions in proportion. The circle is representing Thai Chi, or the Universe Whole, and within this wholeness, there’s the Two Elements.

The division of the yin and yang in Thai Chi intends that there are 2 opponent elements, represented by the black subdivision and achromatic subdivision respectively. Yet, the division is not a consecutive division, but a curved division – significance that the 2 opponent elements actually suit each other in order to constitute the complete circle.

Firstly, this agency that while it is divided as opposing elements – it is united in a manner to constitute the complete wholeness. The opponent yet united military units of yin and yang became the footing of the thinking in I-Ching. And Thai Chi utilizes the conceptions in the I-Ching, the yin and yang elements as the core conceptions to explicate the both physical and meta-physical aspects of the world.

Secondly, the curved division gives a sense of balance. Here, we are talking about reconciliation the yin and yang elements here. There's this statement in I-Ching: "When the yin travels to the extreme, the yang is born. And when the yang travels to the extreme, the yin is born".

Look at the 2-fishes diagram again. If you travel in counter-clock wise along the diameter of the Thai Chi circle, you will happen that as one component turns more than than and more and attain its peak, the other elements will get to turn in replacement. For example, if you travel along the diameter on the black side, you volition see that the ‘half’ represented by the black volition go larger and larger and then suddenly shrivel and the achromatic ‘half’ will get to turn instead. This agency that if one component travels to the extreme, the other volition get to put in.

What makes this mean value to us then?

Simple: we have got to equilibrate our life in every aspect, and make not just concentrate only on one or a few. We have got to equilibrate between work and personal life, between household and friends, between stuff and spiritual, and the listing travels on. Otherwise, there will be inharmoniousness in our lives.

Thirdly, the motion growing or shrinking of the yin and yang elements within the Thai Chi diagram proposes that life alterations constantly to and from between good and bad, joyousness and sorrow, felicity and sadness, high and low and between any two extreme qualities. This is the dualistic rules in I-Ching.

In any events or things, there are two qualities within. There's no such as thing as complete good or perfectly bad things. It is the grade of good, or bad that matters.

Take for example, can we state that a individual is good because there's no bad quality in him, or a individual is bad because he or she have got never done any 'good' at all??? A good individual may at times been guilty of little bad deeds, and a bad individual may at times have got some good in him or her. Isn't it?

A good thing may have got some negative side in it. And frailty versa, a bad thing may have got some positive side in it. It depends on how we comprehend the issue. That’s the dualistic rules in I-Ching.

This travels to the adjacent concepts. In the diagram, within each element, there's a stud in it. The black subdivision have a achromatic dot, while the achromatic subdivision have a black dot. What makes this means? We travel now to the adjacent statement: The Two Elements give rise to the Four Phenomena. This means, in the yin element, there will be yang component and frailty versa, in the yang element, there will be yin element.

What makes it agency to us?

In any events or things, there will be some good in the bad, and some bad in the good. Just like there's some yin in the yang, and some yang in the yin. For example, when a individual wins a race, others will lose the race. There's bad intelligence within the good news, there's grieve amongst joy, there's losing among winning and so on.

In life, there will be mixtures of good and bad, joyousness and sorrow, felicity and sadness, winning and losing, high and low, and it all come up in a 'package'!

Therefore, we should larn to be more than give and take - and accept the nature of life as it is. Enjoy the good things, and accept the bad 1 bravely and gracefully. This volition then assist us to accomplish a more than balance and harmonious life.

Tai Chi's conceptions of yin and yang became influential to the ancient Chinese, and establish its manner into the philosophy, theories, medicine, fine art of war, religion, humanistic discipline and the manner of maintaining life. It have establish its manner into Daoism, which in some ways, people claimed that Thai Chi is under the thought of Daoism, which is not quite true. It should be the other manner round.

Whatever it is, apprehension the rules of I-Ching makes aid us to understand the nature of life itself to break balance and pull off our ups and down feathers to face our day-to-day jobs and challenges. And I wish all of you success and harmoniousness in your life. May the Energy of Thai Chi be with you!

Written by:
C. Guan Soo

*************** Note ***************
You may administer or print this article freely supply you do not make any alterations or change on the article content, or take my name and website from the article. Thank you!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hip Hop Magazines, Read About It, Now!

Hip hop mags are the best manner to cognize the up-to-the-minute on what is happening with your favourite hip hop bands. Desire to look great donning your favourite hip hop bling bling? You have got to cognize what the up-to-the-minute crazes are in hip hop clothing. Stay affiliated to the hip hop world by getting in a few great hip hop mags each month. With so many great picks in these mags available to you, why wouldn’t you have got any? Can you name yourself a true hip hop fan without knowing what is happening in the hip hop world?

Okay, so what’s out there? Magazines like Vibe and The Beginning offering the hip hop fan an interior expression at what is happening in hip hop today. Interviews with the hottest stars are always there. Articles on the up-to-the-minute occurrences maintain you informed. Even speak political relation with the hip hop artists.

Other hip hop mags like URB and Blame Sheet offering the best of the hip hop culture. Yes, they give great interviews and articles but they also state you what to wear, how to be, and what to stand up up for when it come ups to hip hop. Culture and in depth insurance of the hip hop you desire is what they offer. Who is talking about whom? Who is on their adjacent album? What is happening to your favourite artists? And, travel one measure beyond and happen out why it is the manner it is. These hip hop mags offering a great expression into the world of hip hop.

Of course, you can acquire into the world of hip hop with these amazing mags coming right to your door or purchase them. You can also acquire connected on the web with them as well. Find more than information and interviews on the web. Take it to the adjacent measure and bank check out the up-to-the-minute in hip hop clothes and hip hop jewellery on the web as well. These hip hop mags on the web are even better because they are up to date!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hip Hop Jewelry, A Little Bling Bling

Hip hop jewellery is awesome. There are many assorted types out there. What you have states a batch about you. If you desire people to cognize who you are, then you necessitate to acquire the bling bling departure for you. The good intelligence is that there are a figure of fabulous pieces that you can have got without having to pass a whole batch of money on them.

Hip hop jewellery is something everyone necessitates to have. Are you looking for iron or money clips? Individualized domestic dog tags as well as belt buckles are out there as well. Spinning tickers and belt buckles are popular as are pendants from the best hip hop bands. Okay, so you acquire the image that there are a figure of pieces that you can own. Assortment is immense when it come ups to hip hop jewelry.

If you haven’t noticed, hip hop jewelry, or bling bling as it is called, is something that not only teens are wearing but many of the hottest stars and jocks are wearing as well. You can see from looking at just about any magazine or catching them on telecasting that people love having and showing off this jewelry. And, why wouldn’t they? It’s good looking and it stands for hip hop at its best. In other words, if you don’t have got it, you are out of the loop.

Due to the figure of people that demand the best hip hop jewellery out there, there are some first-class places to buy it right on the web. In fact, you can larn about hip hop as well as wear your bling bling. It doesn’t halt at jewellery either. Clothing, mags and web sites are geared towards it. You can even programme your telephone to include some hip hop ringtones! The underside line is to acquire the hip hop jewellery and to demo off your love for this fabulous music genre.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monty Python - Top 10 Comedy Films

1. Fruit In The Looms
2. Python's Give Live Birth
3. The Frog Elevating Moment
4. Mystery Of The Lost Python Sketches
5. Brian's The Life Of The Party
6. Kim Bread Aka Toilet Cleese
7. Around The World In 80 Days
8. Get Yourself To Mars
9. Keep It Real
10. The 12 Fisherman Monkey Kings
11. Farewell Shots
1. Fruit In Your Looms

Someone once said something along the lines that, Monty Python is to 'funny' what chartered comptrollers are to 'boring'. Who are we to disagree?

2. Python's Give Live Birth

The fable of Monty Python emerged nobly from the dust-covered corridors of Oxford and Cambridge University universities. All of the British Python members had their comedic starts in review shows set on by these universities. They soon rose to the ranks of duty within these societies, "In obfuscation we saw a notice board informing us that we are now officers!" remembers Toilet Cleese. Their well-received show, A Bunch of Plinths, transferred to London's Occident End and later visited New Seeland and New House Of House Of York under the new statute title Cambridge University Circus.

Cleese stayed on in New York and during a photograph shoot for a amusing strip he met American illustrator Dame Ellen Terry Gilliam. Dame Ellen Dame Ellen Terry was soon folded into the every growing omelet.

The BBC, on the advice of manufacturer Barry Took, signed the grouping - which now included Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam for a 13-show series. Ah, but what to call the show?

3. The Frog Elevating Moment

Owl Stretching Time. A Horse, A Spoon and A Bucket. The Frog Elevating Moment were all name calling in the running. But as planning for the series became more than chaotic, the BBC direction began to mention to the squad as a 'flying circus', inspired by the Red Baron's World War One combatant squadron. The company liked the sound of it and randomly added the term Monty Python from their growing listing of alternates. Funny that.

4. Mystery Of The Lost Python Sketches

No 1 cognizes what happened to them. Oh wait, 3 new studies of never before seen Python stuff were recently discovered and performed at the Edinburgh Periphery Festival. The celebrated studies were written by late Python star Billy Graham John Chapman and were unearthed by a literary executor in Los Angeles. Each study lasts four proceedings and characteristics a cast of fictional characters of characters including a cheery parrot and an overworked Messiah.

5. Brian's The Life Of The Party

Monty Python's Life of Brian snagged the funniest movie of all time in a opinion poll arranged by Entire Movie magazine.

The movie sarcasms the rise of organized faith and caused more than contention than a Kevin Ian Smith baptismal when it was released back in 1979. It was banned in many parts of the United Kingdom and Christian church leadership accused it of blasphemy. Nothing like bad promotion to force the ratings.

Their King Chester A. Arthur epoch spoof, Monty Python and the Holy Place Grail, trailed by lone a few spots, landing it at figure five.

Top 10 Comedy Films

1. Life of Brian
2. Airplane!
3. Withnail & I
4. There's Something About Mary
5. Monty Python and the Holy Place Grail
6. American Pie
7. Groundhog Day
8. Some Like it Hot
9. Blazing Saddles
10. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

6. Kim Bread Aka Toilet Cleese

John Cleese rode a roller coaster of celebrity during the 1970's playing the function of stressed hotelkeeper Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers. He continued his celebrity with movies like Genitalia On Parade and Clockwise, then hit worldwide stardom with a Type A Fish Called Wanda in 1988. The follow-up film, Ferocious Creatures faulted to derive attending with audiences. These years audiences cognize him best as the new Q in the Jesse James Chemical Bond movies and Nearly Headless Ned in the Harry Potter films. He will next be seen playing male parent to Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angels: Full Accelerator and as the voice Fiona's Father in Shrek 2, Fiona is voiced by Charlie's Angel's co-star Cameron Diaz.

7. Around The World In 80 Days

Michael Palin have also rocketed to celebrity owed to his bend with the company and in 1977 he teamed with Dame Ellen Terry Mother Jones to do their ain comedy series, Ripping Yarns. Michael also appeared aside Toilet Cleese in A Fish Called Wanda, then went on to make a world show for BBC TV, called Around the World in 80 Days, where he attempted to literally follow in the footfalls of the Jules Jules Jules Verne literary character, Phileas Fogg, by trying to go around the world in the allotted time, but without flying - By the way, it's Jules Verne's 175th birthday this week. During the Pole to Pole trip, he met up with Python fans in Hellenic Republic and ate serpent in People'S Republic Of China while struggling to ran into his deadline.

8. Get Yourself To Mars

Eric Idle continued his stretch in the spotlight by teaming with Neil Innes to make Rutland Weekend Television, a lampoon of regional broadcasting. He later appeared in Billy Graham Chapman's Yellowbeard, Disney's Honey, I Shrunk the Audience and Splitting Heirs. His recent novel titled, "The Road to Mars" is about two comics in the 22nd century. Fans most likely cognize him today as the voice of Mr. Vosknocker in the animated film, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

9. Keep It Real

Terry Mother Jones maintained a diverseness beyond mere comedy, by authorship about history, presenting documentaries, penning children's books and going onto direct the 1996 version of Wind in the Willows, starring his old buddies - Michael Palin, Toilet Cleese and Eric Idle.

10. The 12 Fisherman Monkey Kings

Terry Gilliam lent his endowments to the company as a manager and by creating the very distinct lives that became Monty Python's ocular trademark. We soon followed it with his characteristic movie debut, Jabberwocky, starring Michael Palin. After helming the much loved, Time Bandits, his celebrity skyrocketed in Hollywood. But his style led to many conflictions in the game including a large throw down with Universal Joint Studios over his movie Federative Republic Of Brazil and then jobs with angels on the very expensive, Adventures of Baron Munchausen, which starred Eric Idle and featured Robin Williams.

His existent success followed by taking on unconventional studio movies including the critically acclaimed, The Fisherman King starring Robin William Carlos William Carlos Williams and Jeff Harry Bridges and the stylistic sci-fi thriller, 12 Monkeys starring David Bruce Willis and Brad William Pitt and the Hunter Second Homer Thompson extravaganza, Fear and Abhorrence in Las Vegas starring Rebel Depp and Benicio Del Toro. These six histrions all gave some of the best public presentations of their calling in Gilliam's films.

11. Farewell Shots

"We weren't being satirical because it wasn't the thing that interested us," Dame Ellen Terry Mother Jones says. "Ours was a slightly more than abstract wit - just being cockamamie really. What sarcasm there is, is more than generalised satire."

Referring to The Life of Brian - "Comedy is about reminding us of the truth of being human: we all have got a organic structure and we all must die, and it is okay," thinks Eric Idle.

"Monty Python is a great combination of mind and silly", reasons Robin Williams.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Best Way is Never the Easy Way

We have got all heard the statements that; “There is no easy way” Oregon “the best manner is never the easy way.” Such remarks such as as "The easy manner is never the best way" should be modified I think. "Never" is an absolute and while it do for good vodka, it is too clear to be black or white. Now if you have got a White Person Russian it is cloudy you see, which is more than like life than the pure absolute you speak.

Sometimes something looks to be hard and then once you maestro the art, technique or strategy it goes quite easy, thus to you and from your position it is easy. And in practice, you do it look easy, because for you it is easy and thus you have got proven the statements that there is no easy way; utterly and completely incorrect. You follow?

Nothing ‘Good’ inch life is easy? Oh, really, well what about winning? Let’s state you are Spear Neil Armstrong or Tiger Forest and to you it is easy to win. If this is true, would you believe for one 2nd that to them losing was good and winning was bad? You see the jobs with this logic. I submit to you, make not utilize the word; “Never” unless you utilize it with the words; Never will there be something in life that is completely absolute or Never give up. Think on this “never” thing next time you recite a trite statement.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Critical Thinking To Go: Dodging The Pepperoni Pizza Fallacy

Today we commonly hear in the intelligence journalistic points about religion and politics, or faith and something else, where the recommended "duo du jour" usually sit down in resistance to one another. One could make this, of course, just as easily with other countries of human thought, as with sociology vs. history, or economic science vs. psychology. But most people make not look nearly as interested inch this exercising as they look apprehensive to put "religion" over against whatever other country they mightiness happen interesting.

But this stands for quite an odd manner to see things (at the very best), and one might rightly name it propaganda (at the worst) in many instances. You see, life makes not come up at us in slices, as though it were one very big pepperoni pizza pie to go. When world experience an event, we make not meet it in a parade of neatly snipped segments, as though the civil warfare first showed us its psychological effects, then came its economical aspects, only after which we then got a expression at its technological innovations.

Just as with the runningback who appreciations a fumbled football in the thick of many linesmen, life haps to us "all at once." Only after taking in an historically of import event, and reflecting on it a bit, can we slit it up to analyze some of parts or facets in isolation from the others -- as initiates might do, say, in an economic science textbook. This, of course, do pupils especially prostrate to mistake the manner things go on on paper with how they happen on a battlefield, or in the thick of a revolution.

Now this false belief -- the mistake of confusing existent life with its written counterpart, makes not demo up in informal logic texts. But it should, since it clearly misleads many these days.

So, what to name it? I at first tested the "fallacy of compartmentalized reality." But the pupils in my caput just blurted out, "WhatEVER." Then I mused, "fallacy of brooding segmenting." But I didn't understand that one myself. Finally, I landed on the more than user-friendly label, the "Pepperoni Pizza" fallacy. Surely pupils could catch and digest this supreme combination of words (or was that "combination supreme"?).

By manner of illustration, I recently engaged a lively advocate of Mr. Darwin's views. In the course of our discussion, he suggested that evolutionary notions merely comprised "biological theories," and that I had mistakenly inquired about the ethical motive of it all. Here, the pepperoni began to fly.

He didn't look to recognize (as Mr. Darwin clearly did) that theories we might properly name "biological," (or scientific) can -- and often make -- have got obvious ethical implications. Ideas have got logical personal effects not restricted to one academic field. You cannot win a argument by simply putting an arbitrary fencing around an thought and yelling at its offspring, "Now stay!" Like illegal aliens, they be given to leap the boundary lines when you aren't looking.

This agency that Darwinism, neo-Darwinism and "Punctuationism," like all other ideas, have got logical effects (implications) that affect every country of human idea and life. This is why you can happen evolutionary thoughts discussed in psychological science textbooks, history books, and even protrude magazines.

In any case, evading or ignoring certain facets of an idea's logical effects to derive the upper manus in a argument -- or else to maintain one's ship from sinking altogether -- now have a name. Armed with this knowledge, you can clearly and distinctly demo others when the demand arises, that life transpires only as a set of incorporate circumstances, and that thoughts have got logical personal effects not properly limited to any 1 academic field.

Reality and logic make not come up made-to-order with other cheese, so you don't acquire a price reduction on them with a coupon. To do a good case, then, we must follow the rules of valid and sound reasoning.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Understanding The Culture Of The Destination To Avoid Cultural Shock

Understanding civilization of the finish assists you in a great manner to avoid any sudden cultural shock. When visiting another country, you come in with a new cultural environment. The new environment may be completely different from your ain culture. Cultural daze is the reaction 1 confronts when confronted with a new cultural environment. Prior cognition about a new civilization will forestall you from experiencing the first marks of cultural shock. If you set up your ego with a few traveling tips (as given below), you can better battle the civilization shock.

Equip yourself with knowledge

If you are well aware of the different cultures, you can easily battle cultural shock. Read traveling guides, traveling tips, and the reappraisals of travellers related to your destination. Go through any challenges that the travellers confront while in the specific the destination. You must cognize about the food, frock pattern, beliefs and practices, the likes and disfavors of the people of the projected finish of your travel.

Be 0pen to your experience

Make up your head that you are going to bask every spot of your trip. Take different fictional characters and customs duty as a new experience. Brand a wont to disregard any unusual behaviour of the indigen people. You should seek to understand a civilization from its ain perspective. No civilization is superior or inferior. Rather every civilization is alone in its ain way. This feeling will assist you to defeat the emotional states that mightiness originate when you come up across an foreign culture.

Do not compare

Every society have it have alone customs. There are always negative and positive facets of a society. Bash not constitute any negative mental attitude towards any society based on your acrimonious experience of a few scattered instances. You must retrieve that you have got chosen a new finish to larn and bask about its people and civilization and not to change the manner of life and thinking.

Respect the local people

Your trip will be more than gratifying if you go friendly with the local people. You can larn a few phrases spoken in the local idiom and usage them frequently while meeting people. This volition do the local people experiences that your have regard towards their culture. They will the more than friendly and co-operative towards you. You can have on local costumes to mix up with the society and for fun.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bat Ejection Techniques - Country Survival Course #27

People lie! They lie about the blissfulness of rural relocation. They lie about the size of fish they catch. They lie about being there for you. But, mostly, they lie about bats! Such a cockamamie thing, yet no 1 can acknowledge the ugly truth. “Bats only come up into your house. It never haps to me,” friends say. Liars!

Evidence to the reverse exists. Bat trials have got occurred regularly in all three of my state homes. Each was a different style house, in a different town with different surroundings. No manner am I the lone individual this is happening to! I’ll believe the yearly summertime chiropteran flood isn’t A portion of normal life when butter is fat free and Smucky’s Electric acquires back to me with that wiring estimation they promised just anterior to the Gigantic dice off.

One of my ses in peculiar acquires a boot out of telling people I am a enchantress attracting chiropterans to my place like anorectics migrating to the Cannes Movie Festival. She makes it to be cantankerous – a competitory athletics in my family. Of course, I could acquire even by pointing out right here in my very populace essay that she is my OLDER sister by a DECADE. However, I am too peaceable and well centered for such as adolescent behavior. Besides, you are here to larn another mulct state accomplishment – the Bat Expulsion Technique (BET).

Lesson 1 – Why BET

Rural inhabitants should all maestro BETs. Realtors will never acknowledge to the Coloptera flood plaguing the West. Place values would tumble! Amidst all this denial, a seedy cover-up have formed. Copies of Bat Removal for Dummies are burned at state BBQs and members of the Society of the Dead Elk present chiropteran traps to farms under screen of darkness.

As my town’s occupant City Idiot, I chose to interrupt ranks. If Cidiots are not taught to cover properly with winged rodentia, both volition suffer. Bats will be ‘baseballed’ into walls with brooms. If not, Cidiot places will flood with wiggling blankets of screaming critters. Folks will be driven back to the burbs in droves. Quite selfishly - I necessitate newbies to remain in the country. Please don’t leave of absence me alone out here! Take notes.

Lesson 2 - History of the BET

For whatever reasons out chiropterans come in places in pairs. My hypothesis is; one holds the domestic dog door unfastened while the other flies through and bench vise versa. Attempts to document this behaviour have got been hampered by the presence of countless domestic dogs kissing my eyes close when I interest out the wash room floor. Nonetheless, like chiropterans to Noah’s ark, they get by twos.

Throughout history Novitiate Bat Ejectors dispelled unwanted interlopers with the pacifistic Nothing Intervention Technique (ZIT). For a true ZIT unfastened all windows and doors and huddle on the flooring waiting for the chiropterans to wing back out. I researched the effectivity of this method at my first state home. There are three jobs with this technique:

Bats never go forth as easily as they enter. A individual could larn Arabic Language before the ZIT unclutters substances up.

Heat go forths houses quite quickly resulting in cold ZITs.

Bats be given to turn up in the center of the night. Sleep want is a direct side consequence of ZITs.

Lesson 3 – Modernization

Athletic newbies frequently compound the unfastened window/door attack of a ZIT with a more than proactive approach. They leap around with a blanket in an effort to herd chiropterans outside. This is the Sympathizer Herding Expulsion Technique (CHET). A good CHET take two people. Even then CHETs are hard.

Bats make not cognize they shouldn’t fly around the blanket.

The technique is rendered totally uneffective when your husband, who is say to hold the opposite side of the blanket, makes a “stop, driblet and roll” every time he descries a chiropteran from thirty paces away.

At nighttime neighbours can see you, but not the bat. So there you are running amuck in your PJs. The doors and windows are broad unfastened as you coiling over piece of furniture with your flag-like fabric in tow. Meanwhile your underwear-clad man is having what is apparently some version of repeating epileptic seizures. And you, you cold-hearted bitch, you just maintain on dancing.

Lesson 4 – stake Evolution

Bat invasion figure three of twelvemonth figure two was a turning point for me. For some eccentric ground I was washing the morning time dishes. We must have got been out of coffee. Obviously I was not quick-witted adequate to acquire out of dish duty. Suddenly, I heard the high-pitched chatter of a chiropteran straight over my head.

The space over my cabinets is where all my mammoth jelly-making boilers are poised. Grabbing the measure stool, I hovered near and listened. Something was in my stoneware – dark, like a cave, the cunning small bugger. Please, don’t allow it acquire airborne. I have got to travel to town this morning, I thought. There was no time for the traditional CHET dance.

My cerebral visible light bulb clicked on. Hey, It’s easier to catch chiropterans when they aren’t moving. A Alfred Nobel Prize for would be mine. Apparently washing dishes have some nett value after all. I slid a plate over the stoneware rim and took my prisoner out side.

Plate removed, an upside-down shake and plop. The chiropteran was on the ground. I watched for a minute making certain my son’s Satan true cat did not turn up. Finally, the chiropteran orientated itself and flew off with chatter. Dam, I’m good, I mused. Then I turned and took two stairway towards the door. Gasp! Leap! Curse!

Something bad hit my bare foot. Reflexes took over. I went for a field goal. Another chiropteran had been in the jar. Curse! Hebbie Jebies! Volition Iodine never learn? Twos, always twos! Scratches, bantam claws on my ft - it was all to early. First dishes, then this.

The traumatized chiropteran landed respective feet away. It took a good five proceedings before the winged menace recovered enough to wing off. Headed for town, I left a short letter for my son. “Finish the dishes.”

Lesson 5 – stake Mastery

I learned two things that morning. First, generic dish soap sucks. Second, a motionless chiropteran is the best chiropteran to catch. Chasing them in flight is a fool’s game. In retrospect Samuel, my Great Pyrenees, had attempted to point this out earlier that spring.

Hearing one of the midnight riots, I ordered all my domestic dogs out. There was no demand to look for the cause. I knew by then what the combination of barking and a synchronized pursuit meant at 1 a.m. Holmium hum, more than chiropterans in the house. The other domestic dogs complied. Surface-To-Air Missile however stood there looking sleepy, stubborn, sad and guilty.

Anyone who have a Pyrenees cognizes this is their natural state. Just as Iodine demanded, “Samuel, go!” I spotted the bantam small wing sticking out from under his monolithic presence paw. Here Mom, a motionless chiropteran is the best chiropteran to catch. He is a genius!

BET Summary

Grab a teacupful or the fish tank network and a saucer

Wait for a landing

Cup/net over the Bat

Saucer or magazine carefully slid under

Out the door it goes

Hee Haw! With pattern you’ll be back in bed before your underwear-clad epileptic cognizes your gone. You can stake on it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Art of Living and You

Hi all. So what if I don't cognize to blog? I have got come up on the block. Oh! No, this is not me telling. You cognize I was pushed into blogging when I just became aware of the word. And the words above are the generous advice of that pusher. He is a friend of long standing. If I have got got to fault him, I have to fault for grounds that are countless. You cognize he is such as an amiable chap and a friendly Satan kinda cat that you can't fault him even when you desire to. Secretly I confessed to the fact that for many things I am today, he is the individual that tin take credit.

After all why should he make it to me or is he just sort to me alone? He is a couple of old age aged than I. helium was a word form ahead of me in school too. He, as I cognize was the most bubly and buoyant cat as a school boy. Oh! My...he was talking from anything to every thing though the subjects naturally were limited to our age jump world. The games, frocks he had purchased from his pocket money and that bluish skirt of our teacher. I did really bask the minutes he used to narrate all these in his inimitable style, sometimes exaggerating sometiimes in an emotional voice. I don't retrieve disliking or objecting to anything except for that 1 twenty-four hours when he described the length of his teacher's legs. I was a spot frieghtened as I protested. He laughed at me first and then just switched over.

He was not like it as I knew. This thing bugged me all nighttime long. I can't show what exactly I should name the thoghts that crawled my mind. But it is also true that grasp for him surfaced strongly. But it never occured to me that he was growing up. Or was he grown up already?

More than anything else what brought me to adore him was his integrity. For some ground or the other Iodine could not travel to school or play without him. With him by my side, I felt safer always. He made merriment off me, ragged me. But as always, his buffooneries showed me I had to turn more.

Now, in retrospect I believe of him. He is coming back to our town after 32 years. They moved south after he finished high school. Later he called me to state he had to give up additional schooling for pursuing some job. He married a Southerner taller than his ain self. He built a place there and grew mango tree trees all around. This conveys an relative incidence back to memory. In the mango tree season, while returning from school, we had to go through by a mangrove. And there was a brawny watcher gaurduing it. But my friend was all too adroit for him. He used to cry and coo standing infront of the gate as if person else was trying to thieve mango trees and he wanted to alarm the watchman. My friend was so speedy to sense if the watcher wasn't around when he didn't turn up immediately. He would dart in, in large paces and whew.. would tweak a few mangoes. Always more for him and one or two for me. Iodine didn't make bold inquire why.

He is coming to me. To see me. Helium couldn't even go to my marriage. He just sent a commiseration missive when my dada expired. This had disturbed me deeply as I needed him besides me when I thought the world was getting washed away from under my feet. When he called up to state he is coming here, it relieved me. Iodine didn't inquire any more than questions.

I recieved him at the airport. My married woman was all funny about him as she just knew him through my narrations. he was looking more than aged than he actually was.A very thin Grey spot on his pate. He just grinned to me but still I could feel the affectionateness unaltered.

Back home, he gave a shocker. He had blood malignant neoplastic disease in the advanced stage. Over many javas he narrated his story. He had lost hopes. His lone girl refused to see him for long time now for just he did not like her fiance. The male child belonged to a rich family. For once, he appeared to be seeking my suggestion. His years were numbered. He had built a large estate that he didn't just desire to give it to his girl or waste material it. Even at his lurking death, it filled me with gratitude coz he was asking me for suggestion. My married woman was watching him, crying filled in her eyes, as he shoved the enrollment document of his estate. He made all places in my name.

He didn't give me any opportunity to decline it. For nth time it reminded me why I adored him. Helium had all the religion in me. He had calculated everything in advance. He familiarised me with his properties, concern dealings, and the charity that he started of late and requested me to continue. He didn't desire to make all these at his decease bed. I could not halt revering him for all that he is. Type A friend, a philosopher, a guide, and a brother. I am jumping into blogging (I trust this is not blogging) just because my ideas can be understood by some psyche just like him, on the net.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Taking the Coaching From Whence it Comes: TV & The Apprentice

One of the things we life managers make is maintain our eyes unfastened
for coaching job that come ups from unusual places, and in this
lawsuit it was the concluding episode of the Apprentice. Certainly
telecasting can be used to arouse intelligent duologue about
ethical motive and principles. Did you see The Apprentice the nighttime
Randall was hired and Rebekah wasn’t hired? Randall took a
stand. He said, “No” when directly asked by Donald Trump
whether Rebekah should be hired the same night. He was
clear. He was living within his beliefs and values. He had
a choice. As make you. We always have got choices.

As life managers we are often asked to back up our clients to
do new choices. Often these stand for important alterations
from the manner they used to make things, and these new actions
may look awkward or out of the blue, especially to our
loved ones. Yet, when we define our values and personal
criteria and chose to do picks based upon those, our
life moves forward with much more than ease. That awkward form
lasts only a short time as we step into the new manner of being
and behaving.

Try on these words as you believe about the professional and
competent behaviour demonstrated by Rebekah and Randall
during The Apprentice:


You have got a pick and can make up one's mind to follow some of these
words to depict how you will act the remainder of the
week…the remainder of the month, or all year. You can plan
your ain grade of competence whether visiting a watering place for
relaxation and greening or preparing to present a
motivating and inspiring presentation to your colleagues. The pick is yours; it always is. You are on this Earth
to add your alone piece to this puzzler called life and you
have got chances to turn every obstruction into a opportunity for
greatness much as you saw Rebekah make during her time on The

Randall was set on the spot, took a stand, made a decision. It’s proved to be a controversial 1 and probably
responsible for propelling Rebekah into a very desirable
place she wouldn’t otherwise have got had if Randall’s reply
been “Yes.” So, bear this in head when you acquire a ‘no’ from
one of your co-workers or household members. It could be a
‘yes’ inch disguise and the start of a antic new

Questions to ponder:
•What no tin give that is actually a yes?
•Are you willing to inquire for support to making a change?
•Do you have got something you cognize you’ve been wanting to do,
yet maintain postponing?
•Are you aware that there is a part that lone you
can make?

As coaches, one of our favourite reminders is the following
sentence: “The best manner to acquire somewhere is to allow yourself
go.” It’s time. You can go. With
support from a manager or this article or your ain interior
courage, you, too, can take a base and designing the life of
your dreams. Yes you can!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Religion of Love - is It Possible?

Is it possible to make a faith of love? A faith which would learn that world are divinely endowed with love? A faith which teaches, preaches, and assists others happen true love. Love of life, love of humanity, and love of environment. Love of Earth, water, and the whole Universe for that matter; can we make a faith for the human race like that?

One adult male have and he have explained it to me, as he makes not belong to any set organized religion, psychological science or philosophy, as he states that is portion of this very limited reality. A solid statement indeed, if not an absolute and cosmopolitan truth; so how makes such as a adult male unrecorded without religion, as he subscribes to none?

Well neither make I really and I dwell very well. Are a world of love a better world or state to bask one’s life experience? If one makes a new religion, “the faith of love” and have immense multitude following that ideal; then surely the world would be better for it right?

Indeed, it could be a very positive thing however such as a created faith and point of position is in mistake of observation of the life experience in the current paradigm and present period. But is it bad; no, one could state it is good actually. Should such as a adult male life a life of love, abundance, caring and infinite infiniteness of all this and more than convey forth this conception to break the world? It could be a new faith and one, which salvages world from itself and maintains it from being doomed and repeating the past.

Such a philosophical question, one could state it is not a true image of the world and should not be a religion, but you could reason that it would sure do the world a better place. Should such as as as a adult male with such an ideal interruption out of this one-sided argument to see the remainder for what it is? Or would a new created world be a breath of fresh air?

Would one with such a positive, but skewed reading of the world be able to dwell without bounds thru love or would he and his following bounds their head and observations? Would such as a life or doctrine thus actually set them outside what one could name limitless, because they only saw love and not the other? Bow 1 have placed themselves into a "Love Box" which is their pick and I presume they would be happy there right? And if so well then good for them, however, asking others to fall in such as a cause, is partial and would probably only take to another "religion" gone bad in the end as it would wish all faiths be used to control, encephalon wash and pull strings others. After all isn’t that what all faiths do?

So maybe one mightiness wishing to believe this thru at a much higher degree as it looks that anyone including this adult male who created such as a faith have the cognitive ability to now travel to the adjacent step. Did most faiths start with the given of all that is good, including love and eventually stop up distorted, prostituted and end up in hypocrisy? Yet if all faiths eventually stop up like this in the end, then why make we let any of them? Are it all right to dwell a lie, as long as it was originally based on love? Think on this before you leap into any “love Boxes,” cults or mark up for any Organized Religion; believe it thru, all the manner thru.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Working With The Generations

For the first time in history, there are four coevals in the work force. Although this is an exciting time, it is not without challenges. Working with the coevals necessitates forbearance and understanding. Each coevals conveys a new perspective, but we necessitate to larn to value the new ideas, and embrace the alteration that each new coevals brings.

Ten old age ago, when I started instruction classes at the local university, I was typically 10 old age little than the bulk of the students. Now, I am at least 10 old age aged than the bulk of the pupils - and many of my pupils are in their early to mid-twenties. This diverseness in the coevals is not without challenge. I cannot anticipate to learn all of the pupils in the same way. I have got to be flexible and unfastened to new ways of getting my message across. The same is true anywhere you have got a blend of the generations. All convey a alone position and different ways of relating to their environment.

All of my pupils at the university must show a study on the challenges and benefits of working with the generations. Most of the pupils believe that their coevals is the best. It is human nature to believe that the coevals we are portion of is the best. The truth is - they all add value. The fast one is to be unfastened to the new thoughts and alterations that each coevals brings.

The four generations: The Matures - born prior to 1946; the Baby Boomers - born between 1946 through 1964; Coevals Ten - born between 1965 through 1980, and the Millennials - born 1981 through 1994, all convey with them different positions on life and work. The Matures are dedicated to a occupation once they take it, the Boomers dwell to work, Coevals Ten work to live, and the Millennials dwell in the moment. All have got got great thoughts to convey to the work force and all tin benefit the organization, but we have to larn to value the differences and not acquire caught up in thinking our generation's manner is the best way.

I believe the greatest job with working with the coevals is apprehension them. It is easy to stereotype a coevals if you haven't taken the time to larn about them. The more than than you cognize about a generation, the more you can appreciate them and value their contribution. Reading about the assorted coevals is a great start. The best research of all, though, is to speak to people of assorted generations, inquire questions, and listen.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Musings Using Randall, Rebecca and The Apprentice: Obstacles to Opportunities: The Great Reframe

Do you hear the word, “ruthless” during your day-to-day
activities in the last few days? That’s the word being
tossed about as folks discourse Randall’s pick on unrecorded
telecasting Thursday night.

As managers we work with intelligent, well traveled clients
who maintain checks on current events. Even the frivolous 1s
such as as the television show, The Apprentice. The recent concluding
section which resulted in hiring the 4th learner provoked
treatments among our active, goal-workshop attendants
wondering about the evident struggle when chosen Randall
said, “No” to the option to engage Rebekah that same night. Wow. What a surprise… especially when reviewing Donald
Trump’s original inquiry which was, “Randall, if you were
me, would you engage Rebekah also?” “If you were me” is the
cardinal phrase uttered by this successful, competent, affluent
concern entrepreneur. Taking the lessons from wherever
they come, i.e. taking the coaching, it’s interesting to
observe the different observations as Rebecca, Donald Trump and
Randall concluded the interview process.

As managers we inquire our clients to larn from many different
countries and to hold a higher vision for themselves. This
peculiar show is a manner of observing how young, competent,
originative minds, form in an intense concern situation. Whether restful at the watering place or planning their adjacent strategy,
the contestants utilize their endowments and innate intelligence to
carry through undertakings and affect the Trump organization.

The managers bell in:
Would you have got said, “Yes” to the Rebekah question? “Of
course”, states Leslie, the coach…the inquiry was “…if you
were me”. It looks logical to add a very competent, earnest
& ethical adult female to the mix. And, how delicious to make it
that same night! Coach Kris points out that Rebekah showed
grace and creativeness under pressure. Her “can do” mental attitude
prevailed even in the face of obstructions such as as the broken
leg. You’ve got to admire her for that and more.

You saw both Randall and Rebekah take a base for
•How make you take a base for yourself?
•How clear are you? Randall was clear and his determination came
with ease. Rebekah maintained her calm and remained
professional. Clarity can be a enormous guiding force.
•You are an intelligent reader, how make you see it?

We are reminded of the wisdom below:
“…live everything. Live the inquiries now. Perhaps then,
someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even
noticing it, unrecorded your manner into the answer.” Quotes our
wise advisor, Rainer Mare Rilke.

What make you detect as a result of these contemplations about The
Apprentice? How might you utilize these illustrations to make
something different? What alteration are you ready to make? Harnessing your ain courageousness from illustrations such as as these, you
can back up yourself into the well-lived life your desire. Go for it!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Does Age Matter? The Apprentice

Donald Trump’s television show, The Apprentice, attracted
the largest audience the night he was to hire his 4th
apprentice. Much about television is a numbers game which
prompted us to think about the numbers in the show. Randall
is 34, Rebecca is 24. Does age matter? Was it his ten
years of maturity that made the difference, or what he chose
to do with those ten years - his education and running
successful businesses? Does a 20 something candidate have a
chance against a 30 something candidate? What do you think?

It also begs the question, is age a barrier to success?
Some of us feel old at 40. Our attitude and actions can
make any number seem old. What if you go around telling
yourself, “I’m too old to (sing in a choir, horseback ride
across the range, insert your item here)?” Is that really
true? Perhaps you are too old to climb Mt. Everest; that
isn’t to say there aren’t still plenty of things left to do
regardless of physical limitations. Who is stopping you
from giving the recital, climbing the hill, doing what you
really want to do? As coaches, we disregard the, “I’m too
(insert complaint here)” excuse. There is always a way to
modify whatever it is you want such that it can be achieved.
Is there a library nearby? A hobby club you might join?
Films to be watched? There are many ways to accomplish
learning…and you can find the essence of your goals and
dreams in many different ways.

Think about it:
•What is the thing you’ve been telling yourself you’re too
old to do (your Mt. Everest)?
•When you look at that thing you’ve been wanting to do,
what’s at the heart of it and where else might you find its’
•Look for support. Getting support enables you to do what
you want with more ease.

As coaches, we see age doesn’t matter. There are 23 years
between us and we share times when we are being wise and
times when we’re being silly or unwise. We share work
ethics, steadfast support of our clients, interesting
balance in our lives and much more. Age is a number and
counts for things like a senior pass to the movies and
possibly some extra points on the wisdom-o-meter, yet the 40
(or 30, or 20) somethings among us have plenty to offer as
well. Our interaction as life coaches and workshop leaders
is enriched by the difference in our ages, perspectives, and
points of view. We say, “Yes” to it all and invite you to
do the same. Let age support you when you need it to and be
willing to resist using it as an excuse for postponing going
for your goals and dreams.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Clothesline Fresh - Country Myth Breaker #17

Clothesline fresh, country fresh scent, smells like a country garden, those of us from the city have all seen our share of country clad laundry soap commercials. The token red barn glows in the distance.

Closer in, clothes adorn the line. Each piece is so straight and evenly spaced you’d believe a team of sophomore geometry students hung them as their final class projects. Even more perfect, the lightest of breezes launches an ‘oh so soft’ billow along the stain free front row.

Even I think, who wouldn’t want their clothes to be clothesline fresh? And, don’t those people own underwear? Ahhhh! I use my clothesline. I must. There is not a man in the five-state region willing to rise to the challenge of touching my daunting propane line and antiquated fuse box. Like my outhouse, my dryer is purely ornamental.

Despite this forced march to my clothesline the results can be startlingly adequate. Yet as a good Cidiot (city idiot), It would be negligent of me if I did not point out a few hazards of clotheslines to budding country converts. Beware, hanging your skivvies in the wild is not all its cracked up to be. Consider these dilemmas.

Seven of Ten Birds Prefer to Defecate Out of Doors – Avian species have a remarkable instinct for textile quality. Anyone doubting this should hang their Thai Silk robe on one end of the clothesline. Put a flannel shirt on the opposite side. At the end of the day tally the results.

Sheets Attract Wind – Kids have a new kite? You can plan your day around it, guaranteed! Just wash your bedding in the morning and place it on your line. Rest assured, Mariah herself will blast through your backyard. Kites, bedding, lingerie, pugs - anything with a flat surface will dance its way through the sky, only to impale itself in full display atop the silo of your local feed mill.

Remember the One Foot Rule – Most educated people know the three second rule. No matter where in your home you drop a piece of silverware, if you can retrieve it in three seconds or less you can eat off it without rinsing first. The one-foot rule, however, is only taught in rural school districts. It goes like this: Any textile on a clothesline that sags to within 12 inches of sweet Mother Earth, via the wind or any other means, must immediately be scent marked by every male canine (dogs, coyotes, wolves or prairie dogs) inside a three mile radius.

Animals Have Hair – Strangely enough farms are inundated with animals. Go figure. With all due respect to clothespins, they do little to remove hair. It takes four fabric softener sheets and a small nuclear plant to fluff out an intricate weaving of fur and feathers. During the spring shed I keep a HAZMAT team on stand by just to clean my lint traps.

Remodeling Your House? – You can save a fortune in costly building materials. Just hang your cotton towels out to dry on the clothesline. Not only will they dry stiff enough to be use as support beams, the bird shit will act as an adhesive for roofing projects.

Remember on that warm spring day, when the cottonwoods are spawning and your best angora sweater has just hit the line, imagine, within a matter of hours it will be more than you ever dreamed possible. And, as always, it will smell ‘clothesline fresh!’