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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Very Precise Fortune Cookies

I cracked unfastened the fortune cooky and read the small faux pas of paper on the inside. Immediately I realized that it had been written by a weather condition forecaster.

"You will be approached in the late afternoon by a pinkish polka-dot octopus..."

It continued on the other side: "... and asked to supply inside information of your application for a yellowish cloud mulching permit."

Two things struck me about this peculiar fortune. The first is that they have got come up a long manner in their ability to foretell exactly what will go on and when, just like weather condition forecasters. This is undoubtedly owed to recent technological developments. Laser technology, for example. Nano technology. Robotics. Bioengineering. And so many other specialised Fields have got been developed to points of preciseness unimagined just a coevals ago.

And it's not just the weather condition forecasters.

In London, Ontario, specializers are performing microscopical cardiac surgery on patients statute miles away using a automaton named CSTAR (Can't you just wait for new parents to start naming their children after the celebrated surgeon, CSTAR?). This have got opened up the door to many benefits, such as as sending automatons to distant locations without having to worry about a operating operating surgeon replacing the incorrect variety meat owed to jet plane lag.

But the existent benefit was revealed when one surgeon confided in me: "You cognize the world is a better place when we don't have to chaparral our hands before surgery anymore."

I can name anybody in North United States on the telephone set and they will reply in existent time. Not only is this a better response than I can give people face-to-face, but the telephone set set cablegrams direct my phone call to the exact individual I want, saving the other 400 million telephone endorsers the incommodiousness of having to say, "Wrong number...again!" Just a few decennaries ago, Switchboard Suzie was manually connecting everybody.

"Janice Land? No problem. I'll link you." CLICK.

"No, wait. I wanted to talk to Janet Lam. Hello?"

My male parent can nail the exact amount of blood refined sugar he packs in his veins. Not very long ago, people could not care less how much refined sugar was in their blood, as long as they had plenty of it in their double-fudge sundaes.

Yes engineering have come up a long way, allowing us to direct and received very specific information in great item and in great volumes, allowing such as electrifying 21st century inventions as Spam (I know, I know, the great Spam pioneers you admire most did their epic works in the 20th century, but you ain't seen nil yet!)

Despite the volume of information I have in my inbox, there is one very distressing component to all this other free information, which conveys me back to the 2nd thing that struck me about my fortune cooky message.

It was wrong.

I waited all twenty-four hours for that pinkish polka-dot octopus to near me, and it never did. Just because modern engineering can present immense volumes of laser-detailed information, makes not do that information valuable or even accurate.

Which conveys me back to the disclosure that a weather condition predictor is now writing fortune cookies. Weather prognoses have got go increasingly more than precise. For instance, I am told that today it will hail in the town just east of here and be sunny in the town just west of here.

Once upon a time, the prognosis would be simply "Sun and hail expected to go through through the region." Less accurate and less wrong. Just as useless, though.

Maybe we should engage CSTAR to do the fortune cookies. Surely CSTAR would present fortunes that are not only precise but also accurate, right? As a bonus, the pastry dough chefs won't have got got to chaparral their hands before baking.

And I wouldn't have to wait for a pinkish polka-dot octopus all afternoon.


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