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Monday, August 18, 2008

Stun Gun Cat Food Robotic Shocker

Does you neighbours true cats conveniently come up to your house for an other meal, stealing your ain cat’s food? Damn those vicinity true cats anyway. It bes a batch to purchase true cat nutrient and Supreme Being cognizes you make not necessitate to be purchasing nutrient for all the vicinity true cats too, especially with your strapped budget with these Hideous Fuel Prices. Three dollars a gallon; bury you me!

If the neighbours true cats eat $5.00 per hebdomad of your “Fluffy’s Food” that is a cost of over $260.00 per year. You could speak to your neighbours about this job and state them to mind their ain cat. But everyone cognizes true cats make not listen, they basically ain the place and believe they are entitled to follow lawsuit like the New Orleans Looters after the Hurricane Katrina? If you had a true cat TV, well they would probably walk off with that too. To forestall vicinity robbery true cats from your house, you necessitate RoboCat with the AttackCat Sun Gun option, not adequate to kill the neighbours cat, as it is born of DARPA non-lethal technology for Department of Fatherland Security violent protestor crowd control and police force use. But this engineering will let the thievish vicinity true cat cognize whose pace they are in and believe you me, they will not be wondering back in anytime soon.

This is just one manner that robotics can assist your budget and allow you more than freedom, a higher criterion of life and a greater quality of life. Think about it.


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