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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Rock

Thursday, a post-hardcore band, is from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The set formed in 1997. Their first full-length album was released in 1999 with a New Jersey based company called indie Eyeball Records. Thursday is known for their notable advancements of artistic nature; many of the sets songs are as a result of books, existent world events, and fine art of assorted forms. Successfully emerging from the belowground indie scene, Thursday at the bend of the century attracted Victory Records attentios.

The set gained important commercial radiocommunication airtime when they released their 2nd record album which became a breakthrough. Their hit single "Understanding In A Car Crash", landed the set a major label record trade with Island. Their hopes were in continuing to make music and an mental image that truely represented themselves. This hope resulted in a brilliant artistic piece in which the set perfected their sound. The full aggregation of Thursday albums were produced by Sal Villanueva and amalgamated by Rumble Fish.

Thursday Set members are: Geoff Rickley (vocals), Uncle Tom Keeley (guitar), Steve Pedulla (guitar), Tim Payne (bass), Benjamin Ricketson Tucker Rule (drums) and last but not least Saint Andrew Everding (keyboard).

The sound of Thursday is built upon both post-punk static and hardcore's visceral instrumentation. Repeated high-pitch guitar Riffs stacked on top of heavy bass lines repeat Thursday's British influences such as as The Cure, The Smiths, and Joy Division as well as New House Of York City's Sonic Youth. There is the odd time signatures, pacing and cardinal changes, and multi-sectional song constructions also play a outstanding role, kindred to progressive stone sets such as as Yes and Rush. Lyrically, Thursday is a chef-d'oeuvre with Pb singer Geoff Rickly. Geoff concentrates on the battles of growing up in the world today using violent imagination along side shimmering, and often beautiful phrases.

Thursday's Discography

* Wait (December 6, 1999, Eyeball Records)

* Full Collapse (October 18, 2001, Victory Records)

* War All The Time (September 16, 2003, Island Records)

Thursday's Singles

* 2001 - "Understanding In A Car Crash"

* 2002 - "Cross Out The Eyes"

* 2003 - "Signals Over The Air"

* 2003 - "For The Workforce, Drowning"

* 2004 - "War All The Time"


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