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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Grand Canyon Never Grows Old

Though the Grand Canyon National Park tops the list of most popular tourist attractions, it cannot be denied it has a lot of beauty to offer. Breathtaking beauty, in fact.

Down the Canyon you'll see the Colorado River and if you're hardy you may like a hike of one mile down the gorge. Being 275 miles long and between a quarter of a mile to 15 miles wide (average is approximately 10 miles) depending on your starting point.

Because of its massive size, there are two different sides of the Grand Canyon, the more tourist orientated South Rim which is open year around, and the more secluded North Rim which is closed during the winter season.

The South Rim offers more educational value with bus tours around the rim stopping at observation points for photo opportunities, hiking down the trails, rafting along the river, or even taking a flight through the gorge. Wheelchair facilities are also offered as well as shuttle buses when an appointment is made ahead of time.

The commercialism is very slight on the the North Rim wtih beautiful natural sight thrills coming from the light patterns on the Canyon walls as day becomes nighttime.

Accommodation is limited in the Grand Canyon, especially on the North Rim so if you intend to stay overnight in the park to experience both a sunset and a sunrise be sure to make a reservation far in advance of your vacation period.

So there you have both choices of experiencing the Grand Canyon - the North and South Rims. But any way you look at it, the sheer awesome magnitude of the natural phenomenon (maybe the Noah's Flood event really did cause this gorge?!) is enough to turn an atheist into a reluctant believer - maybe.

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