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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coming Up: My Friend Carol - Expert on Istanbul

One of the things I like to make on my website is radiance the limelight on regular people like you and me who have got got chosen to make something a small unusual with their time and who have managed to dwell a alone cross-cultural experience.

So one of these particular people is my friend Carol, a multi-talented senior high school teacher, who, as I recently establish out, is also an complete painter and pianist.

During the mid-nineties Carol decided to take a few old age off and she went off to Turkey to learn English and Mathematics in a school in Istanbul. After all was said and done, Carol had lived for 7 old age in Istanbul, thoroughly gotten to cognize Turkish civilization and created a web of international and local friends that she still remains in touching with today. Turkey goes on to be one of her front-runner finishes and Carol seeks to reconnect with her front-runner state as often as she can.

In improver to that, Carol also have a particular connexion to a small town in Hellenic Republic by the name of Parga and there is an interesting story behind this. We'll soon hear about Carol's international connexions and her experiences and penetrations about Turkey and Greece.


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